Monday, January 5, 2009

Gundam OO S2 XP Theme! 高达00桌面主题 ver.改 by Minekun!

Song used:Logon =Hakanakumotowanokanashi, OO S2 1st op
Logoff = Prototype, OO S2 1st ED
Trashempty = Innovator from OST 3
Edited by ME!!
Go download it Gundam fans!!!!
Here is the link!
Updates will post in blogs.
Currently edit the 00 girl version of the XP theme..Will upload it before Chinese New Year!!
Any songs need to add or cut, welcome to suggest it in chatbox located in my blog
Download link>>

Extract it!! click on >>GUNDAMLB
A window will pop up!
click ok!!


Auguestra said...

hi i love ur theme but the link had expired. Can u reupload it again please. Thanks in advance.

Natsuki said...

link is dead.
can u please upload it again?


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