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Kamen Rider 40th Anniversay Movie latest INFORMATION!!

Those who pay 1300yen for the movie ticket will receive something like the above.
The brochure include some preview DVD which include the 40th anniversary movie promo video and all rider promo video.(Super Sentai 35th Anniversary Movie promo included too ^^)
Therefore, maybe just this few days we'll be able to see or watch some new exciting promo videos!!

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Kamen Rider EP 25 Official Preview Photo

 Sorry for the late updates.
Due to connection problem in my country, I'm not able to online ytd.
OK now here you go.

~~As Usual~~
Please click to enlarge the image

As what I have mention in the last post, The bird type yummy is coming out in this episode.
You can see the hand of Ankh there but probably it's the left hand of Ankh.
A blue parrot will be the enemy on the next episode and something tells me that Gotou kun gonna replace Date as birth really fast.
You all can see the pictures that the 2 Kamen Rider here are working together kinda good!
Nice TEAM !!
OK, stay tune for next week EP 25

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More scans of Kamen Rider OOO TAMASHII Combo!

Please click to enlarge!!


Taka, Imajin Medal, Shocker Medal , 3 of this medals to form different combo.
Shocker medal is important and the key of how the story will go on.
The lower body part is the Shocker Eagle Emblem and the medal is same shape as the Condor Medal.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 24 RAW Multiple Links

 Note that this is just for file sharing purpose.
Please buy the DVD when it's release if you like Kamen Rider.
NO rent or sale for the videos.
Please delete the file in 24 hours after you downloaded.
Copyright all to Toei.

I have list out the links from multiupload for your convenience.(except rapidshare)

uploaded by Gustavaum

Kamen Rider OOO EP 25 preview video and ShaUta combo !

Oh..I just done my 3rd swimming lesson~~
OK now hope it's not too late to update the information for you all.
something to let you all enjoy before the episode viewing link is up

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EP 25 preview

ShaUTa in Action!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gundam UC OVA Episode 3 1st 8 minutes!!

If you haven't watch it yet.
Watch it here!!
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This episode will be on the screen on 5th of March

Blu Ray Disc will be release on 7th of April

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Scans for MG OO Raiser!

 (click to enlarge the image)
a clearer picture

source via toyworld

Let's go Kamen Rider Movie POSTER!! and many more!

 Click to enlarge the image

Here it comes!!
The new movie poster is here!
You can see the layout of poster is kinda obvious with all the riders there..
And the Main ATTRACTION!
Surely OOO TAMASHII combo, Kamen Rider Ichigo, Kamen Rider Nigo, New Den-O(Strike Form) with Momotaken and a tiny Cho Den-O there!
If I'm not wrong, you can see thr's a little mole imajin there beside the building.
Ermm and something difference!
Can you Spoit it?
Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Kaiketsu Zubat
All of them are the classic works of the late Shotaro Ishinomori (father of Kamen Rider)

This is the cast list.
As you can see from the picture, there are some familiar names~
Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda will reprise their roles as Shotaro Hidari and Philip of Kamen Rider W.
Goro Naya, seiyuu of Great Shocker Leader also returns to reprise his role to conquer the world ^^.

Android Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman and Kaiketsu Zubat.
You can see something familiar right? lol Heat Trigger or Trigger Heat from the picture ^^^..ok Joking.

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MG OO Raiser and RG Aile Strike release date and price confirmed!

Click to enlarge the image

May Release 6500 yen exclusive of tax

April release 2500 yen exclusive of tax
 This 2 kits are what I called "Sure Buy Grade" which means will into my collection in future.
You all can try the amazon link beside there to search for it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MG Figurise Kamen Rider OOO Tatoba Combo!

click to enlarge the image

Price 3990 yen inclusive of tax
  • Claw can be pulled out for the arm.
  • Batta leg can be swapped for Scanning Charge finisher.
  • The coin carrier can be opened.
  • With Medaljalibur

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Kamen Rider series 1000th Speical Episodel !! EP 28 + Movie INFO!

Rushing updates for my loyal fans!
Click to enlarge the image

1000th special episode!
Yee Yee~ Shocker Kaijin.
Eiji is on the round table!

Tricera medal! The Dinosaur combo will appear!

TAMASHI COMBO!Is that kamekameha lol?


  • Episode 28 and the upcoming movies is related to the special 1000th episode of Kamen Riders Series.
  • Date gets an incurable disease and Goto replaced him as Birth.
  • The left hand of Ankh appeared with his subordinate!
  • Taka,OOOO, and original OOOOO TAMASHII COMBO will appear(This is the translation I get from Google Translate)

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TaMaShii Combo!! 40th years anniversry OOO Movie COMBO!

 click to enlarge the image!!

TaMaShii combo.
One is Taka
One is Momotaros
One is from Shocker Greed
New Den-O is holding Momotaken!!! New form of Momotaros.
As the 3 other Imajins have been used as weapons during the previous movie!! Now it's Momo's time!!

I wonder why it's not Ta Mo Sho?
Tamashii in Japanese means 'soul'

Kamen Rider OOO EP 24-26 Story Preview Mag Scans!

click to enlarge the image

(Mistake of translation will happen, treat it as spoiler if you are depending on my translation)
Due to now every Yummy appeared in every episode is not stated as which type and by which Greed.
During EP 25-26,a Yummy which same type with Ankh appeared.
Ankh seems like planning to betray Eiji as he thinks that he has his own Yummy subordinate already.
(The Yummy was created by the true Ankh called Giru)

2nd type translate by other fans
Ankh planning to betray Eiji as he knows the method how to create a Yummy

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All Riders Let's Go Kamen Riders Information

Note that**
Translation I made is based on Google Translate.Therefore translation may be wrong in some line that I can't get the meaning.
Tons of translation and editing done to tis post..Ughh..pressure..
Need to thanks me a lot kay? >.<
Special thanks to Google Translate for helping me!
. X9 _- ~8 t( [& }本作に登場する1号ライダーと2号ライダーは、
, c9 n; o! R( Z" a『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-”最強にして最悪のショッカー怪人”の異名を持った存在として描かれる。
 From Left General Black (Speaker: 清三 Hukumoto),, Rider 1,Rider 2, and Shocker Greed
 Rider No. 1 and No. 2 rider to appear in this film,
"The Strongest and Most Evil Shocker"is called Phantom(something like that)
Those 4 up there is called Phantom.

Shocker Greed (voice: Hideo Ishikawa)
中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假 面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄# |) }  `" ~, j3 O6 k% [( k# Y9 X, o" f+ O8 u  M8 Y特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,

ショッカーがオーメダルの力を使って生み出した怪人で、bt.temox.com9 k# n0 o! k% X( f5 _1 L8 Q' N; O
本来1971年の世界にはいるはずの無かった存在。7 c9 K! e' x% ?
; E, c7 W/ I; t2 z, \0 s5 E" G特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|金色のバックルはショッカーの強化怪人の証。特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|4 Q9 J" h: J) f" ]
The Monster is produced using the power of Os Medal Shocker,
The world of 1971 should have no original exists.
The eagles have a similar overall appearance, have a unique shape that protrudes from the shoulder and the right eye snake.
The Gold Bucket Belt is the proof of enhanced Kaijin.
Yu is responsible for the design 出渕.(I don't know what this line means.....from Google Translate)
中国特 摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假面骑 士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄. o1 H4 ~6 A6 o+ O/ v

) N/ G4 _# Z6 R5 z/ _' i中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士 000,假面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄「あれ、メダルが出ない」と不思議がるオーズを尻目に、
3 h1 _! T0 z! G3 G, c5 A中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士 000,假面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄モールイマジンは10才の少年の体へと入り込み姿を消してしまう。
1 m2 A7 f. [; J- J0 K8 C' rbt.temox.com突如デンライナーで現れた幸太郎とテディは少年にライダーチケットを当てると、
: X9 \6 a  ]5 N$ P" l" c特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,浮かび上がったのは「1971年11月11日」という日付。
% `1 [1 X! `/ m2 T2 c1 Z『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-なぜ10才の子供に40年前の記憶があるのか?
 The battle scenes kick off when the mole imagine and Oz are fighting.
"Why no medals bleed out?," Oz  wondered,
Mole Imagine disappear and get into the body of 10-year-old boy.
Kotaro and Teddy suddenly appeared from Den-Liner and put a ticket on the boy's head.(like old time)
The date is 11th of November 1971
Is there a memory of 10 year old boy during 40 years ago, why?!!
(10 years old have 40 years memory... WTF!)

モールイマジンを追って過去へと向かうデンライナーの車内には映司とアンクの姿も。" ~* d6 u+ c7 g( e
+ G  o' t( p5 g# C特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|狙うはもちろんオーメダル!中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假 面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄: B# ?* f; |7 ?$ r% o3 t) w
In Den-Liner, the train that travels towards past for the pursuit the mole Imajin. The Picture above is the figure of Ankh and Eiji映司.
They are advised not to leave Den-Liner.
But Ankh insisted to sneak out to search for the Core Medals before the Greed was reborn during 2011!
And this cause lots of problem.

特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,2 s! k2 g, H8 H+ b2 o1 p

! e( ^9 o: o" T& }# W9 \4 D6 _特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|「スナック アミーゴ」と書かれた看板が。
' @* T$ t% X' l, |9 W6 wしかも、一体は廃墟と化していた!
Back in the original time-line in 2011, 映司, where the sign there should be Cous Coussier,
" Amigo Snack "sign is written on it!
And the place was deserted!!
特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,8 F5 _. v3 n. N9 R( ^8 r3 Z0 W! Q

" X* ~) s' k  E5 l『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-2011年には世界のほとんどを支配するほどに勢力を拡大していた。
) G  c) d: R/ }6 |! mbt.temox.com警察までもがショッカーの手先となっている世界に救いはあるのか?
Evil forces of Shocker got medals in 1971 and soon conquered Japan.
In 2011 they were enough to expand their powers and ruled most of the world.
Salvation in the world has become a pawn of the police or even a shocker as well?(GT which means google translate)

; ~  M# G8 q4 A& N+ K& c『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-洗脳手術によって悪の改造人間となっていた!
6 J- y: o# C1 i3 J/ H# Q) n特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|以降、新たな仮面ライダーが現れることは無く、「仮面ライダー」は
' V* S+ v" a* N) A# T特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,ショッカーの頂点に君臨する怪人の称号となってしまう・・・。
In 1971, Rider No. 2 Rider and Rider No.1 has lost to Shocker
The evil scientist modified and brainwashed the Riders.
Since it appears no new Kamen Rider, "Rider" is
is titled as Phantom which means the strongest Kajin of Shocker.
  S7 C( s7 k5 N

歴史を修復するため、幸太郎は映司を連れ立ってデンライナーで再び1971年へ。bt.temox.com0 r3 r1 w2 F, T9 B. a/ O
そこには少年仮面ライダー隊の姿があった。『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-7 B( t' ~* t( c8 I' Q) \/ C8 C
In order to repair the history, Kotaro and Eiji on board in Den-Liner again!
They go back to 1971~
They meet Nokko a member of Rider team or squad.
Photos of members Nokko girl (played: Tsunematsu Sato Yuu.)

2011年ではショッカーに選ばれなかった子供達はスラムで荒んだ生活を送っていた。特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|5 a0 v- s9 F$ O% n
左から、ナオキ(演:吉川史樹)、シゲル(演:林遼威)、ミツル(演:今井悠貴)の3人。特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,0 D& h  \5 g% R; e  O9 f4 ^7 ~' H
In 2011, children were not chosen to Shocker and desolate life in the slums.
From left, Naoki (Speaker: Humi Tatsuki Yoshikawa), Shigeru (Speaker: Liao Wei Lin), Mitchel (Speaker: Takashi Yuu Imai) three people.
These names  must have been heard by the rider fans during Showa era.

I have not time to carve the world's Kamen Rider The association Gorugomu dark
Was trying to rule the world with many other evil organizations shocker empire crisis.
, The ranking army Jenerarushadou Deruza (voice: Shibata Hidekatsu) is
Appeared and renewed his original version.
Shadow sword, shot Trump (Trump bombs) in the surgery and move 秘技 with giant playing cards
The mercy of the Oz,
(All the above is from GT)

Special thanks to Google Translate for helping me!
source via (

Funny!! BUG of Episode 23!

Spot the bug!
Some IT accessories was missing in this scene.

Leave comments here~ lol~

Bandai 2 Latest MG! MG EPYON and OO RAISER! for 2011!

2 New MG for 2011, after Shenlong in March!
release date and price for 2 Gunpla below are not yet stated!

MG 1/100 Epyon
click the image below for a larger view

click the image below for a larger view 


Why? [Awakening of Trailblazer]
with condenser parts thr so you are like to have 2 types of OO Raiser which is the normal one and the condenser type in the movie!
I think this kit  is far more popular than QanT so Bandai surely will make lots of money out of this!

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Youtube Raw of Kamen Rider ooo EP 23

Finally it's here.

Click Part 1 or Part 2 and click skip ads to Youtube.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 23 Tudou's Link

Stream the video here, erm sorry I'm not be able to find youtube's link.
But Tudou's also not bad.
I'm able to find youku''s only avail in sorry guys~
International viewers try Tudou.

Link is here
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or watch it here

Gundam UC OVA 3 Theme Merry-Go-Round by Chemistry

This episode is coming out in early March.
This is the OVA theme for episode 3.
Merry-Go-Round by Chemistry.
This time is sing by male singer not like the 1st and 2nd theme of the OVA that are sing by female.
BTW, all the themes are great.

Kamen Rider OOO EP 24 Official Preview Scan

Click to enlarge the image
More scans here.






脚本:小林靖子  監督:諸田 敏

Your long waited noob translation by me~
 'I want to become mroe beautiful'
Yumi 's (優美) desire becoming deeper and more deeper after meeting with Date.
The power of the Yummy, was transformed into beautiful and graceful.
Even Eji was beaten by their charm.
The part below contains more spoiler...
Enjoy it ^^
Love in the memory of sea~~~♡♡♡
And the subtitle is romantic!
 Date and Yumi too they felt like their little bit of friendship in the past.
And I also love to interview Eiji about love.
Yummy born from love and romance.I heard some people talk about it during episode 23, not different from normal and has been engaged in the whole production of Director Morota 

'The shooting really fun, as Hide Watanabe. I wanted to do more.'
And Watanabe-kun plays impression.
Finally the aquatic combo can be activated !! The time are MUST!

source via

Megaupload Kamen Rider OOO EP 23 RAW

Tired of waiting thr raw? Just download it here!!
NOTE**The download is just for sharing, no commercial use of it.
Please delete it after 24 hours.
Download at ur own risk.

Please click Skip Advertisement for the Link

File name: Kamen Rider OOO 23 (DivX6.8.4 TQ4 704x396 24fps..avi
File description: Powered by
File size: 366.92 MB

source via

Kamen Rider OOO OP fanmade with kid

While waiting the youtube or watching link to up here
Enjoy this a while~

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO EP 23-24 Spoiler Word Info with my translation

脚本:小林靖子 監督:諸田敏

脚本:小林靖子 監督:諸田敏

 If you don't like my translation maybe you can try the google translate link above
My noob translation here 
 佐倉麗 is very pretty and her sister 優美 feel that she own self looks ugly.
Ep 24
 Because 優美 wanna become pretty a Yummy is born from her.
 Eiji and Ankh go to the scene and ...
Love in a sight happen when Eiji first look at the sister.

source via

The 1000th Episode of Kamen RiderS

2011年3月20日O.A. 仮面ライダーオーズ27話(999回)
2011年3月27日O.A. 仮面ライダーオーズ28話(1000回)
Episode 27 and 28 of Kamen Rider OOO will be the 999th and the 1000th episode of Kamen Rider Series!

source via

Rumors and Spoiler! Discussion on WHY Tatoba Combo?

Why Tatoba Combo?
Tatoba is the living things born before GREED.
They are the 'ancestors' of Bird, Insect and Cat family species.
To defeat and handle the GREED, the inventor or creator of OOO found out the advantages ability and skills of Tatoba. They want to make reform Tatoba by using core medals.
Because of OOO is used by human, the true ability cannot be shown.

Why TaToBaringu Combo?
After many times of fail experiment on Tatoba, the creator found out that Batta and human are not adaptive.Therefore they used Baringu (Living things that were born at the same time with GREED) to form Combo.
Finally, OOO that can fight with the ancient living things is BORN!!

Source via

Kamen Rider OOO EP 23 Preview + Spoiler Photo

Eji is in love with the sister lol~
Click to enlarge the image

source via

Megaupload Kamen Rider OOO EP 22 RAW


A sexy picture for your view!
File name: (RAW) Kamen Rider OOO - 22 (DivX6.8.4 TQ4 704x3..avi
File description: Powered by
File size: 432.58 MB
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

I'm BACK!! Episode 22 Kamen Rider OOO Raw Youtube!

Sorry guys~ I'm kinda busy after my exam..
Breaking up in relationship, sad..sad...sad
looking for a job, working, learning Japanese, reading, find my future paths and degree that I wanna continue.
Sorry to let ya all down..cuz I'm in no shape after my break up during my important exam.
SO now I'm BACK
bringing you all EP 22 RAW of Kamen Rider OOO

Giga Scan is in this episode!
Youtube Part 1
Skip Ad to Watch it in Youtube Part 1
Youtube Part 2
Skip Ad to Watch it in Youtube Part 2

This is the Giga Scan!!
Click to Enlarge!!
Nice Effect of Giga Scan!!

source via youtube, picture via


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