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Kamen Rider OOO more Magazine Scans!

 A new Yummy revealed, White Owl Yummy.
Sagozo vs White Owl
Sagozo can't defeat the White Owl Yummy so he changed into Putotyra Combo
 After Eiji lost the Red Core Medal, he can't use the Tajyadol combo so~~
Putotyra VS Left Ankh, Kazari and White OWL!

 It seems that the kid Ankh which is Left Ankh also like popsicle.
Seems like when he lost his memory he is still have the same taste buds huh? 
Sauba Combo VS Kazari!
In the episode, OOO only have the Sai Core Medal while Gorilla, Zou, Cheetah are in the hands of Kazari.

Meanwhile, another magazine scan state that Burakawani combo is to debut in Summer Wars Movie means that the previous rumors is 100% true already.

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OOO Rumors time: Putotyra berserk!!

More rumors is up!!!
Putotyra vs Ankh!
Putotyra berserk again?!

I thought OOO Putotyra will only goes berserk for 1 or 2 seems need a few more to fully control it.
Ok the translation for the above words.

やがてメダルの力がオーズをプトティラ コンボに変身させ、暴走へと導く。

The forbidden Medals have been searching a vessel to unseal and reborn.
The medals chooses Hino Eiji which is the current OOO for reborn as the medium for reviving.
This is because Eiji is willing to rish his own life to save others, his desire for ownself is completely dry~~(blank)
That makes him as the perfect host for reviving which he can easily controlled by the Medals.
5 out of 10 Purple Core Medals entered Eiji's body.
Eiji is able to use these medals to henshin but will make him goes berserk. However there is one person who can interact with Eiji is Hina.
She is the one that will lend her helping hand to stop Eiji from going berserk.

EP 32-36 translation is based on the help of Google Translate

32話 新グリードと空白と無敵のコンボ(5/1)
脚本:小林靖子 監督:諸田敏
Episode 32
Doctor Maki betrayed Kougami foundation.
Now he is working for Kazari and the Left  Ankh.
At the same time, Date starts to remember that he had actually met Eiji before.
Eiji tragic past will be revealed

Suddenly, 2 Ptera Yummies appeared and started attacking. 

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:石田秀範
Eiji's friend invited him to the Leisure amusement park.
Eiji's dream when he was a high school student?

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:石田秀範
プトティラ コンボに変身した映司とアンクが!?
プトティラ コンボ相手ではアンクが不利すぎると思うのだが・・・。

Episode 34
Eiji's friend desire is 'want to rely on Eiji'
Ankh noticed that Eiji's friend is actually the host of a Yummy.
Eiji henshin into Putotyra
The combo where other combo can't match it...

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:田崎竜太
Episode 35
Hina uses Eiji as a model for her project and wins first prize in the competition at her design college. She gets the 1st prize and given an opportunity to study in France.

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:田崎竜太
 Episode 36
Hina's brother, Shingo finally regains his consciousness
Uva manages to revive Gameru and Mezuru.

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

OOO Summer Movie Shooting START and Date is confirmed dead

Early morning shooting in Shizuoka!
Shooting the movie of Kamen Rider!

Date is confirmed dead and will not be in the summer war movie.
The scans is from OOO's cast blog.

post edited due to porno stuff..pic..cuz my pic uploaded site got bug..sorry guys

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SPOILER 2011 Kamen Rider Pic LEAK!

Click to enlarge the image.
This probably is spoiler..

And holy..yeah there are 3 or 4 version of rumors about next Kamen Rider Series.
You all probably can get the info from any other site.
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Kamen Rider OOO EP 31 Raw Megaupload

Please note that the download are just for fans sharing.
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Please buy the DVD when it's release if you like it.

File name: (RAW) Kamen Rider OOO - 31 (DivX6.8.4 TQ4 704x3..avi
File description: Powered by
File size: 355.54 MB

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Information about Eiji's Past

A new scan have been updated!
You can see Eiji in the picture is wearing the casual clothes not his colourful clothes.
And this is the story about his past.

Eiji is said to be a son of a Politician
Doctor Maki absorbs the remaining  purple core medals. 
This time, he will turn into the extinct-fantasy greeed, Giru.
(Human henshin into Greed?...Hmm..Maki?)
Date will be dying soon.(I hope not..)

Eiji became less selfish because of his brother, Hino Yuma. 
He went to disputed area to save a town.
It was for the sake of the desires of the whole world.
When Eiji finds out about the truth, he became the embodiment of unselfishness. 
His unselfishness is the source of OOO's powers.

His greed gradually releases when he use the purple medals, and transforms into Kamen Rider OOO Putotyra combo, he suddenly becomes the embodiment of greed and absorbs Ankh.

More about Eiji's past in the upcoming post,

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 32 - 35 synopsis

Translation is below.
Sorry for being late~~to update!

脚本:小林靖子 監督:諸田敏

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:石田秀範

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:石田秀範

脚本:毛利亘宏 監督:田崎竜太

Episode 32 - 1st of May
Screenplay: Kobayashi Yasuko Director: Satoshi Morota
Date takes Eiji to the Hospital, after Eiji had absorbed some purple core medals and lost consciousness. 
Suddenly 2 Puteranodon yummies appear in the city.
OOO was very difficult to overcome the tremendous strength.(overcome power of purple core medals)

Episode 33 - 8th of May
Script: Yasuko Kobayashi Director: Satoshi Morota
Eiji's high school friend, Kitamura, invites him to the amusement park, Leisure Land. 
Eiji takes Date, Gotou, Hina and Ankh with him. 
As they were playing, Hina is suddenly missing.

Episode 34 - 15th of May
Script: Shachu Mouri Director: Hidenori Ishida
Eiji is determined to save Date and Gotou who were kidnapped by a yummy.
Eiji asks for his friend, Kitamura's help because he knows the amusement park really well.
However Kitamura looks at Ankh as someone hostile. 
Eventually Kazari and the Yummy shows up together!

Episode 35 - 22nd of May
Script: Shachu Mouri Director: Ryuta Tasaki
Hina wins first prize in a designer competition at her fashion college and is given a trip to France. 
On the other hand, a yummy was created and wanted to crush the dreams of everyone.
The yummy had appeared as a Unicorn Yummy.(Extinct Fantasy Type!!)

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Let's Go Rider Kick 2011 Album Download

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Buy the CD and DVD if you like it.

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 31 Raw Youtube

It's here!

 仮面ライダーオーズ/OOO 第31話 前 

仮面ライダーオーズ/OOO 第31話 後 


Kamen Rider OOO New Greed - The Extinct Fantasy type based Greed

Sorry for being late to update!
Some rumors regarding the OOO Putotera Combo and New GREED
The purple Greed is not Dinosaur Greed as I stated in my blog.
According to Figure Oh Vol 159, Putotyra combo is not Dino combo but Extinct Fantasy Creatures Combo.
That means the Greed is~~
The Extinct Fantasy Greed!
(Half years ago, some rumors mentioned that A new type of Greed or Yummy that is combined animals like Bird+Insect= Dragon, Bird + Cat= Gryphon 
Seems like the rumors were somehow true, not true in combining all medals )
The story is around EP 31-32.
A black fog appeared when OOO was fighting as Tajyadol combo.
Inside the black fog there is 5 Purple Core Medals.
5 of them flies towards Eiji and enter his body.
When Eiji reverts back to human form, he collapses.
~~Purple eye~~
Maki takes the remaining Core Medals and the Ptera Yummy is created.
The Ptera Yummy is slightly different from the one in Movie Core War.
Date's illness starts to worsen
Will he DIE?
2 Rider Battle!
!Putotyra vs Birth!
DATE must DIE?

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 32 official preview scans

Click to enlarge the image!!

EP 32 The New Greeed, the Void, and the Invincible Combo

Episode where the Debut of Putotyra Combo!

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Kamen Rider OOO BuraKaWani combo scans!

The Reptile Combo!
Cobura (Cobra)
Kame (Turtle)
Wani (Crocodile or Alligator)

It's called BuraKaWani and it's originally mispelled by me Korakawani in my previous post.
And I say sorry here.
The Core Medals is from the reptile Greed called Rey.
Which is a SHE.

Who knows what happen?

Probably the ugliest combo how do you all think about the design?

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Putotyra Combo Magazine Clear Scans!

Click to enlarge the image!

the cool picture scans is from

Kamen Rider OOO EP 31 Preview scans + main attraction!

Episode 30 is a turning arc! 
The Climax will starts now.
OK, let's continue to episode 31

Episode 31
The episode where 10 Dinosaur Core Medals appeared.

!The Main Attraction!



My noob translation
  Dr. Maki retires from Kougami Foundation and he brought all his retirement pension with him
There are 10 purple core medals.
From 10, when one is pulled out. The desire to fill the missing hole, the birth of a new Greed?

That time, Eiji received a request from Hina's fren Suzuka (鈴香).
Suzuka's house, every night, the money was delivered into her house by envelope.
Suzuka say thank you to Eiji.
Uva has some new movement.(wanna revive Mezuru and Gameru?)

EP 31 Preview Vid!

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 30 raw download

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uploaded by Gustavaum

Kamen Rider OOO EP 30 Raw Youtube EDITED!

Sorry guys I cant embed the video here.
cuz it dun have the option?..I wonder why..
Use the 2 links

Edited : Youtube changed the video embedding option under share...


Part 2

Guys..due to working as car sales adviser..I'm very busy..
I can't blog too much adi...
I will blog on free time and will update the blog on time too like very Sunday or other day.

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 30 Official Scans+Translated Synopsis

The King, The Panda and The Blazing Memory
 From the image you can see the 800 years ago Ankh!






 Translation here!!
Today's text was nice! Google text translate it kinda complete but with some grammar errors~
Enjoy the translation!!
Greed of a bird appeared, Kazari call him "Ankh"
Why did only the right arm revived back so far.
800 years ago, the mystery of birth of OOO
The history is told in this episode.
It was also relate to the transformation of Eiji into OOO in the current timeline.(Why he can henshin into OOO?)
Chiyoko sent the injured Dr Maki to his car.
Guiding her to the house he live during his childhood.
When the accident happen, Maki was not at home.
Chiyoko saw a picture of Maki's sister and their look and appearance are very similar.
Even their personalities is very similar.
Maki said the memory of her sister and she is not coming back to him.... Finally, the body Ankh appeared.
"It's me," "You're me!"
Which of the body will unite to themself? (Left or Right or Right to Left?)

Ankh sounds like young children.
What are you going to do now?

The Seiyuu(voice actor) for Left Hand of Ankh is Irino Miyu
He is famous seiyuu for the movie Spirited Away as Haku.
More information about Irino Miyu can click here

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 30 preview video and short info

 !Kamen Rider OOO EP 30!
After you watched the raw there sure you will get excited on the series how the plot of 
Kamen Rider OOO will be in the 3/4 part of series
From episode 29 we can see the true body of ankh which in the future I will direct it as Right Hand and the current human Ankh as Left Hand.
So if you haven't watch the preview on episode 30
here is it!
you can see from the preview video
Left Hand Ankh saved by Eiji from being fully absorbed by Right Hand
Something about OOO from 800 years ago was talked about
Right Hand and Kazari together
Left Hand say something about OOO bozou(暴走) means go berserk (rumors that the King 800 years ago transform too much and causes that happen)
Core Medals power combining

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Kamen Rider OOO Official Site updated about Right Hand Ankh


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Kamen Rider OOO EP 29 Youtube

Kamen Rider W Returns Accel Raw Megaupload download

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Kamen Rider OOO EP 29 RAW download @ Multiupload,Megaupload...etc

Note that the download is just for fans sharing.
Delete it in 24 hours after download.
Please buy the DVD when it release if you like it.

Kamen Rider OOO EP 29 Raw
 there is more link inside multiupload

uploaded by Gustavaum

Kamen Rider OOO EP 29 Ankh RIGHT hand! BODY! Screenshot!

Not much to comment.
The picture explained all.
It seems that Ankh's body are not so...well
I prefer the human Ankh.

Happy Birthday MAKI~~~~~~~~

Yummy from Maki!! Desire about sister

Yummy were born

cling and hugging


Goto back to eat cakes job



Right wing only

the purple parts seems like without right hand the face won't complete


Left VS Right

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