Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wish you all a CLIMAX and Happy New Year!!

Wish you all a CLIMAX and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
GUNPLA 30 Anniversary
and 31 for GUNDAM

AND STPM for me!! C'mon I gonna score as smooth as it can!

Happy New Year to all readers~~~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bandai MG GN-X JAN 2010 release

Front View..Rear View get from the link below haha..I dun have the picture

Some inner frame exposure for those who wan to see inside lol
You all eechi..even robots also wan see their deep inside flesh haha

Some Action POSE below


Cool right?Wait until you see the next pic below
seems GN-X pilot cockpit is on the part
Weakness of GN-X = Weakness of man
Yaya..gals own mans weakness here
Pilot owned by Cockpit kill right?

Very Nice Gn-Drive BOOM! come out..
A nice and quite classy stand for the fake GN-Drive
See the Hexagon shape? will know what is their use in the picture below

This tells you what?You get 7 GN-Drive in a box?
NO! you only get one..yeah Bandai haha
The stands can fit into this kind of shape if you have 7 GN- Drive and their Stand
Hexagon right? 1 GN-Drive stand you can fix 6 GN-Drive to it..
Seems cool to me but the money ...

You get Sergei and Soma for buying the GN-X..I wonder..will you get the same Sergei for the blue GN-X?
or Celestial Being outfit for GN Archer?..Yeah Time will tell

OK you won't get a LED for this kit sorry.Although purple Gn Drive looks fancy.
3780yen inclusive of tax (3600yen will be local price)
If you have friend in Japan or you are in Japan.
Feel free to buy this kit at a promotion price in Amazon.JP

Try the link below by using Google translate
For more MG GN-X scans and info get it here

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Stay the Ride Alive mp3 Megaupload download

New single release from GACKT including the main theme of the theatrical tokusatsu film "Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider W & Decade Movie Taisen 2010." Limited edition includes bonus DVDs. Includes a deluxe booklet. *Unless otherwise indicated, DVDs are region-2 encoded (Japan, Europe, and Middle East), and carry no subtitles.

Song List


Stay the Ride Alive lyrics

Kaze ga hikaru Kigi wo yura shite kirameku
Boku wa omou Kono shunkan kitto wasurenai no darou

Aruki tsuzuketa jikan toka kyori yori Hakari shirenai
Hito tono deai Ima mo azayaka ni

Hikari naki basho de miteita mono
Kodoku no mannaka Kiiteta
Ever lasting in words in the passion came from me
Seiza megutte mo Kawaranu mono
Yuru ginai kizuna Eien
Mou nido to aenai toshite mo Stay Alive

Mirai toiu Jikan wa kaerareru kedo
Kioku toiu Jikan wa dare ni mo kaeru koto wa dekinai

Kokoro no naka de hibiiteiru sono koe Tsurete ikukara
Oboeteru mama Mirai no hate made

Hirosu giru sora ni Sagashi tamono
Mayoeru mayonaka hikatta
Ever lasting in heart in the passion shout for me
Subete ni owari ga kuru toshite mo
Omoi wa tsunagaru Eien
Kono mune ga katari tsuzuketeru Stay Alive

Tachidomari Furikaeri Arukidasu
Bokura wa itsumo Tabi wo shiteru
Kizutsuite Taorete mo Tachiagaru
Tsuyoku are Sore ga kitto yakusoku

Hikari naki basho de miteita mono
Kodoku no mannaka Kiiteta
Ever lasting in words in the passion came from me
Seiza megutte mo Kawaranu mono
Yuru ginai kizuna Eien
Kono tabi ga owarou toshite mo
Mou nido to aenai toshite mo Stay Alive

The mp3 is not 320kbps download at your own risk.
Please buy the album if you like it
Filename: [Ryusong] Gackt - Stay the Ride ..rar
File description: Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Double
File size: 19.65 MB

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Kamen Rider Accel Henshin Belt DX, figures, and some toys~

Accel Henshin Belt DX and Accel Memory 5040yen January 2010 release
  Some steps to put on the belt
 Engine Blade and Engine Memory 3990 yen January 2010 release
Kamen Rider Accel figure 840yen JAN release
Kamen Rider Accel detector (I don't know the full name)
with function as phone and spy for him haha.
This bettle is 3150 yen date not yet stated.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Updates on Kamen Rider Accel INFORMATION









Some info on strength and ability of Accel. 
OK some info by me
Kamen Rider Accel name is 照井竜 who is a police in 風都警察署 (Futo police Department)
Other info..sorry guys I don't know the translation.
But the last pic seems W is saving our Nazca here..
From the last line, I think the meaning is two people who love Futo very much Kirihiko and Shotaro.
They are inter-connected.
If you all know the info feel free to put comment and put int chatbox.
My Jap lvl ... only

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Kamen Rider Fang Joker form card scans

Card scans (non-ganbaride)
hm..cartoon feeling~~
you all can see the ARM FANG here.
Yeap..I also dun know which card is this ...what is the effect and status haha.
I know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh only hehe
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Have a nice holiday guys!

Merry Christmas from Minekun~ Thanks for the support! OVER 10k Visitors!

Merry X mas frens and fans!
It is Christmas again!
Tonight..X'mas eve I don't have any plan haha
My fren all go for countdown and Me..1 people going thru this silent night haha!
Besides that I wanna thank you all for supporting my blog.
Now already achieve page views over 10k!
Terima Kasih!

Lastly wish u all MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Fang Joker Gaia Memory scans

Kamen Rider W Fang Joker toys for sale lol
315 toys..but this is not the really detail one.
From the picture we can see something really good on the design of Fang memory.

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Fang Gaia Memory from Kamen Rider W Official Site

Fang Gaia Memory
It can be in 2 mode LIVE MODE and MEMORY MODE
Seems that in LIVE MODE, the little dinosaur can be use as some detective tools.
After watching EP15, I knew it can move itself..and is a fierce dinosaur lol.
EP16 gonna be Fang Joker and the final part of the preview for EP16 reveal the weapon of Fang Joker form which is ARM FANG
Source vis

[Scans] MG Gundam Astray Red Frame kai FEB release 5250 yen inclusive of tax!

Finally we know what is 'kai' means.
Another Different Tactical Arms for Red Frame +2 Katana! YAY !!
From the Picture you can see the Tactical Arms is different from the Blue Frame Tactical Arms.
Red Frame Tactical Arms can change into Bow and Arrow haha Thumbs up for the design, dun have beam rifle but another long range weapon.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

MU/ 假面骑士〜十年祭〜 (仮面ライダーミュージカル) OST

Kamen Rider Jyunensai Musical Show OST

1. Opening Act
2. 最悪だ!大ショッカー Saiaku da! Daishocker
3. 仮面ライダーヒーローズ Kamen Rider Heroes
4. おちこぼれの歌 Ochikobore no Uta
5. ライダープリズン Rider Prison
6. 星をつかまえて Hoshi o Tsukamaete
7. 最高のお宝 Saikou no Otakara
8. 改造だ!大ショッカー Kaizou da! Daishocker
9. 仮面ライダーヒーローズ Battle Ver. Kamen Rider Heroes Battle ver.
10. No.1 ヒーローズ No.1 Heroes
11. サンキュー! Thank you!

Filename: Kamen Rider musical
File description: Uploaded by @ MASKED RIDER LIVE&SHOW 〜十年祭〜 (仮面ライダーミュージカル) OST
File size: 60.59 MB

Kamen RIder W Episode 16, 17 and 18 Information photo scans!!





Latest Product on Kamen Rider W all USB FOR SALE!!!!

 Clay Doll Gaia Memory sell for 5000 yen 2010 JAN release
After Wakana throw her memory in EP 14...Toei call his dad take and sell to you all haha~

Sifu! Oyasan! SKUL Memory for sale! 2010 JAN release 4000 yen for Skul Memory

Shotaro Version Joker Gaia Memory 26th Dec 2009 release! 4095 yen!
Include some Shotaro famous quote!(aside from JOKER only)

Finally FANG Gaia Memory 26th DEC 2009 release 3675 yen
Which can attach to the W DX Driver..then you can shout! FANG JOKER!!!! and hear the theme of FANG form!

Kamen Rider W Viewer's Rate until EP 15

第01話…10.2%.第02話…9.8% 第03話…8.4% 第04話…7.1% 第05話…6.8%
第06話…8.1% 第07話…9.6% 第08話…7.2% 第09話…8.3% 第10話…8.2%
第11話…7.4% 第12話…8.5% 第13話…7.7% 第14話…7.0%

<仮面ライダーW 平均8.15% 切り上げ8.2% 15話トータル122.3>

Kamen Rider W X Decade Movie Taisen 2010 booklet Scans (36Pictures)

Again tons of picture to lag your browser..but this time only 36 pics.
This is a brochure or booklet given when you enter the theater to watch this movie.
A total of 36 scans for the booklet which include many information about the movie and some apparel,fashion..+ many many accessories which TOEI use to suck ur money !!!$$$$$$

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