Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gundam Double O End that way~~

OK Why O Gundam DIE???IN the end they just clash each other with the epic gundam

Clashing?Between Exia and O Gundam not OO and Reborns~~

I heard they call this Exia R2..don't know why..with Gn Sword 3

IN the end like S1 and other series ending..just half damaged and still alive~

PS..Not Cast off but is turning back*and transfomr wow!!

Pretty cool before the clashing but become one legged Gundam after the end
right leg damaged, O raiser right wing damaged, Head gone...
Left Hand and wing get ripped of stolen by Reborns~~(He stole the ori drive..thinks that he lost because don't have good drives..zz in the end 1 ori drive VS 1 ori drive He LOST..Actually not the drive problem is because he is the antagonist..if he is the protagonist the results will diff!!)


Don't know what is the meaning of "The Childhood of Humankind Ends"
Title of Gundam OO new movie??!

Gundam OO New Movie ~~2010~~Wait for subbed one at least 2012 ..haha

Next Week Hagaren!! Metal!!!
Full Metal Alchemist is back!!
Don't know what the plot is !!
Mystery...the short guy and his full metal brother which is not the FMA..

Friday, March 27, 2009

Journey through the Decade 假面骑士Decade OP 下载 Download!

假面骑士Decade OP下载!!

KR Decade OP Download Link:

Funny Dragonball Japanese Kuso sing?!!

If you know how Japanese or Read the Chinese Subtitle
You sure will a bit over 18 content..zzzz

Kamen Rider Decade Sub ep 9 on Youtube

Here are them!!!

Part 1 Link:

Part 2 Link:

Part 3 Link:

高达00 最后一集!25集最后一部预告 Gundam 00 Last and Final Trailer for EP25!!!

Ok folks Gundam 00 Latest and Final trailer for EP25!!
Setsuna not saying I'm Gundam anymore instead
saying I have to change(correct me if I'm wrong)

Below are the Trailer from Youtube~~

Catch it on this Sunday as soon as possible!!
For Fastest Chinese subbed Last EP, you probably won't miss to download it here
高达00 最快的华语字幕组,星期日可以下载了!

Sorry for English folks but I'm sure you guys got your own road.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok Decade Spoilers~~Why call it spoilers anyway..

A cute Natsumi Pic for you folks 1st..Never see her smile anyway~
Guys below are the spoilers~~~

Next EP Spoilers~~See Faiz?Student?
And MC photo looks like gangster in the J Drama?!
Teacher ,school life?
Be sure catch the coming EP!
New Rider DI-END (The End?DeEnd?Nvm)

Let me explain Di End for you guys,He knows the MC sure....He is Blue!!!
HE is diff from decade Because he is Blue and he is Red..
He uses a Gun to slot in and Decade uses the Belt(Epic+Classic)\
Spoilers~~ Read at your own risk!!
DI End can summon Sub Riders but not henshin to them...
Decade can henshin and use the other rider as Weapon and probably Di End can use too He can summon the weapon by his card when the rider not there....
Spoilers Again, The KR Kaiser that attack MC probably summoned by DiEnd..

That is it The End~

Decade no sekai!

Final Kamen Ride De De De DeCade!!!!!!!

The Destroyer of 9 Kamen Rider ___Deacde!!!
A very nice series of Heisei Rider!The KR that is pro in everything like Kabuto, a strong rider that is a pre-dite and lost memory, a rider that ppl call Akuma! Devil aka Destroyer!!!!
A RIDER that travels to the other 9 KR worlds to save the DAY or his own world.
Where is Tsusaka no sekai,where i Decade no sekai..will he travel into my sekai?...nid not to ask!
But I'm sure this is my sekai.
Kuuga,Blade, Ryuki, Faiz, Kiva, Den-O, Agito, Hibiki, even Kabuto defeated by this junior!!FTW!
Anyway old actors of the old heisei series are not in there T.T except Kiva cuz Wataru is thr, other still not confirm but untill Faiz so far thr is no old actors!!

Upload new info later~~

Gundam Double O latest news!!

This is Before Cast OFF~~

After Cast Offff~~

Gundam Reborns rumors said that it is TRIPLE DRIVE!!!!
Three VS Two
Red VS Green
Super Innovator VS Pure Innovator

Info from Wiki check out wikipedia on MS Gundam 00 for more Info!!
Images from toysdaily and random curiosity

Long time folks!

Long time frens...Since my PC now is back online and working properly ,I can update my blog now...Shit why wait so long!!!!!
Sorry some members tat the Gundam 00 Xp theme I working on is bye bye~~Cant help because I formatted my
Currently I'm following Gundam00 Last fews EP, yeah this coming sunday is the Finale!!
And yeah I'm watching KR Decade..who needs a subbed KR Decade link tat update very fast!!
I'm giving you all this>>>giide search this on Utube
Here is the uploader that upload the Raws on Sunday..probably..Subs on Thurs or Fri.
Subbed by TV Nihon..I do not own KR DECADE..probably..zzz
Will provide OST download. If you like the OST please buy it legally!!
After download be sure delete it in 24 hours!


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