Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kamen Rider W and Decade The Movie 2010 Promo 28th NOV 2009!

The Latest SS cutscreen from the Kamen Rider 3 sets Movie!
BTW the trailer below is not same as the SS.

Trailer is below~~

SS from
TY trailer from HJU forum!

Friday, November 27, 2009

This Coming 2010 Winter ANIME GUNDAM UC OVA

As you know Japan Winter is on the early year.
So the coming new year we will celebrate it with GUNDAM UC OVA.
The Winter Anime LIST is already confirmed!
GUNDAM UC OVA awaits with 6 eps 50 mins every eps.

News adapted from

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Kamen Rider W New Form Fang Joker !!

I now only found out that I never posted about Fang Joker(Full picture of it)now here is come picture of it.
It is confirm that Fang Joker 1st appearance will be in the Kamen Rider W Begins Night The Movie.

You can see the diver like
The Eye have changed with eyebrows.
Arm with Fang.Sharper shoulder armor.

OKOK This is the Mammoth!
W new mobile Mammoth!!You can see W drivin it hehe..!
maybe that Mammoth come from Thailand...haha
Cold JOKE!
Cold Joker...
Source from

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Update on MG GN-X 1/100 Concept Arts

Front View

Rear View

Some sketches about the *fake GN Drive and body

Credit goes to Zanber from
source from

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

53 ways to participate/observe the Computer Security Day

Click on the Advertisement above to know more about How to Protect yourself and your computer!
Computer Security is Everyone's Responsibility. Be Smart, Be Safe. Mark 30 November 2009 on your calendar. Be a part of WCSD-MY2009!
Here is 53 ways to observe the Computer Security Day

  1. Display computer security posters.
  2. Present computer security briefings.
  3. Change your password.
  4. Check for computer viruses.
  5. Show computer security videos, films or slides.
  6. Protect against static electricity.
  7. Modify the logon message on your computer system to notify users that Computer Security Day is November 30.
  8. Vacuum your computer and the immediate area.
  9. Clean the heads on your disk drives or other magnetic media drives.
  10. Back-up your data. (after being certain that it is virus-free.)
  11. Delete unneeded files.
  12. Initiate a computer security poster design contest for next year.
  13. Demonstrate computer security software.
  14. Publicize existing computer security policy.
  15. Issue new and improved computer security policy.
  16. Declare an amnesty day for computer security violators who wish to reform.
  17. Announce COMPUTER SECURITY DAY in your internal newsletter.
  18. Examine the audit files on your computers.
  19. Verify that the "Welcome" message that is normally used on your computer is appropriate for your organization.
  20. Write-protect all diskettes that are not to be written to.
  21. Take the write-protect rings out of the tapes in your library.
  22. Verify your inventory of computer applications.
  23. Verify your inventory of computer utilities and packaged software.
  24. Verify your inventory of computer hardware.
  25. Install and inspect power surge protection as appropriate.
  26. Install fire/smoke detection and suppression equipment in computer areas.
  27. Eliminate dust from computer areas, including chalk dust.
  28. Provide dust and water covers for personal and larger computers.
  29. Post "No Drinking" and "No Smoking" signs in computer areas.
  30. Develop a recovery plan for all computer systems that require one.
  31. Verify that passwords are not "Posted" and all other keys are secured.
  32. Verify that backup power and air conditioning fit your needs.
  33. Have a mini training session to provide all computer users with a basic understanding of computer security.
  34. Verify that all source code is protected from unauthorized changes.
  35. Verify that each computer has trouble log and that it is being used.
  36. Verify that appropriate off site storage exists and is being used.
  37. Remove all unnecessary items such as extra supplies, coat racks, and printouts from the computer room.
  38. Select a computer system on which to perform a risk analysis.
  39. Begin planning for next year's COMPUTER SECURITY DAY.
  40. Change the FORMAT command in DOS to avoid accidentally FORMATing of disks.
  41. Protect the computer on your store-and-forward phone message system.
  42. Hold a discussion of ethics with computer users.
  43. Volunteer to speak about computer security at a local computer club or school.
  44. Collect Computer Security Day memorabilia to trade with others.
  45. Register and pay for all commercial software that is used on your computer.
  46. Register and pay for all shareware that you use regularly.
  47. Install all security-related updates to your computer's operating system.
  48. Help a computer novice backup their files.
  49. Protect all cabin computers from floating droplets of liquid.
  50. Plan to attend a computer security meeting or seminar.
  51. Consider the privacy aspect of the data on your computer and protect it.
  52. Update your anti-virus program
  53. Add to this list . things that you believe would benefit all advocates of computer security


Kamen Rider W Cyclone Effect Single Download! 下载

Credit goes to IGADEVIL!

Bandai 2010 January MG GN-X

MG GN-X as title!
After MG V GUNDAM VerKa ! Here is GN-X
One thing about it that is Best is CHEAP!
3600 yen without TAX!
Oh god..!
A good kit to get...Must get if have money!
BTW...Today..I have bought my MG BLUE FRAME Astray 2nd L at BAKUC !!
I get it at a cheap price!
Yeah my dream..

From the Trend, I know Bandai will release another MG from Double O series.
MG OO RAISER is predicted to come out around the OO Movie month
and MG from Unicorn Series will also come out.
Some also predict MG Red Frame Astray will pop out!
Ya..The Most anticipated MG next year probably would be the last variation of IMPULSE!
Which is
If I'm not wrong all of these will pop out in Next Year..

New Picture For Kamen Rider Decade X W Taisen 2010 and Kamen Rider Decade Final Episode!

Stage3: Kamen Rider Double x Decade Movie Taisen 2010

Shotaro and Tsukasa
STAGE 1:Kamen Rider Decade ~Conclusion~

Super 1 VS Dekaido! Skyrider too!

G4 Rocker Launcher?..Huh..too big..

Super 1 and! vs DARK DEKAIDO!
Kaixa bike robo mode, Side Bassher!
wow..can use tat card..==..ya Kaixa consider Dark Rider..
See Yuusuke..

Our lovely EMPEROR!

KIDS~~~~Prepare to henshin..ya Natsumikan as Kivara

Stupid Kaijins that prepare to be kick!

Latest Trailer for Kamen Rider W Begins Night, Decade Final and W X Decade

OKOK This trailer was awesome!
Call your friends come here to watch!
From the trailer, we can know..Oyasan is still there..hmm
You can see her daughter there shouting!The Trailer explains all..
For the Decade Final Part..@ 1:27 u can see The monster face from Kamen Rider ZO.
Cool huh!
As for the KAMEN RIDER KAMEN RIDER part..sorry don't have more infromation inside the trailer.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Ultraman Galaxy Legend The Movie 3rd Trailer SS!

Click to enlarge the pic please.
The armor guy? Yup is ZERO!
Looks cool to me like a robot haha and This Movie will hit Japan Screen on 12.12.09
same date as 3 Kamen Rider movie(Begins Night,Decade,Decade X W)
I currently don't have the full trailer, will upload as soon as I found it.

Below is another funny cm..enjoy..Don't make noise in the cinema..or will get Ultra Beam...
BTW turn off your handphone..

Ultraman & Jay Chow MV..funny 搞笑version..

hehe funny

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ok To Clear Kamen Rider Decade X W Movie doubts

Yup it is final form ride!
Maybe it is FFR Double Separate lol~~
I will update the info as soon as I get the picture and spoilers.
Stay Tune everyday!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gundam Unicorn OVA Latest Trailer NOV 2nd 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kamen Rider W Movie Info! on Kamen Rider Skul and pretty gals!

The Kaijins aka Dopant


The pretty actors~




Kamen Rider SKUL!!


Please Translate yourself lol~

Kamen Rider W Side Product!

I cant read the katakana..sorry
It looks like sticker or card to me..Hmm..
Anyway here is the release!

Kamen Rider Decade X W Movie Info!

Weird about Kamen Rider Double is half and half?
How bout Cyclone Cyclone,Joker Joker, Metal Metal?..
I think more weird..haha
This form will be show in the KAMEN RIDER Decade X W 2010 the Movie!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kamen Rider W 2010 The Movie Begins Night info

Kamen Rider W new form Fang Joker will be reveal in the Movie!
So 1st henshin in the movie huh?..hmm..Why EP 1 Don't want use the super form? kick some @ss? and kill the Sonozaki?....haha That is toei's - logic..
BTW from that Pic We can see that Shotaro is Fainted and Philippe is Transforming.
As you can see the Joker Memory in place (Philippe W Driver)
The Begins of W will be reveal in 12/12/09!
Grab your tickets NOW!(if you are in Japan)

Dengeki Hobby 2010 JAN! with Free Gundam Unicorn 1/48 STAND!!

As title remember to grab this issue!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kamen Rider W OP W-B-X~W Boiled Extreme~ Megaupload download

List of songs
01 W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~
02 W-B-X Hard Boiled Jazz Edit.
03 W-B-X ~W-Boiled Extreme~ instrumental


Cyclone Effect Kamen Rider W CD COVER!

List of Songs
1. Cyclone Effect
2. Cyclone Effect acoustic edit.
3. Cyclone Effect instrumental
4. Cyclone Effect acoustic edit. instrumental

I will provide the download link as soon as possible..If can please Notice me in the chatbox.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Environment Prob: Small things contribute to Large Things!!! PART1

Here is the 1st Example that I really hate here is Chinese traditon..not racism here..But I'm Chinese too!
When our ancestors died..we burn Hell Notes aka Tress that make paper...for our ancestors in 'Another World'
When You burn, do your ancestors really get it? I'm not sure about that.
One thing I really sure is when you burn..hmm..our ozone aka O3 will pok!
Another hole FORM!
In Any form ....if you are not protecting our Earth..Then don't destroy it ok?
Our religion do not call us to destroy the Earth right?

Is it a Must? To burn papercraft and hellnotes?
Chinese support me please. We are the future race!
Small thing that Accelerate us towards the end..Do you want it?!

9 Causes ! End of Human Race!

Gundam 00 QAN[T] in OO the Movie 2010
A free picture for you all Gundam fans there! Please protect the Earth or else we won't get any
more Gundam!!(Gunpla)

Lets get to the Main point now about 9 causes predicted that will end us! (This are info from ETVA Astro 316)
  1. Attack of Alien races
  2. North Pole and South Pole Switching Coordinates
  3. Meteor or Planet Crush into Earth
  4. Global Warming
  5. Nuclear War
  6. Extinction of Bees
  7. Depletion of Oil
  8. Ocean conquered by Jellyfish (Scientific Name: Neopilema nomurai)
  9. Terrorism
As We can see the 9 Causes 1st to the 3rd are Natural problem.
From the 4th to 9th is our own doing.HUMAN CAUSES!
*******Don't kill the Bees! Why their extinction if our problem? Easy! 30% of Human corps exist because of the BEEs, they are the one spreading spore here and there and there is food in your mouth!
How can they extinct? MAIN CAUSES are Hand Phone aka Mobile Phones. The radiation or wave caused by the Hand Phone not only affect our health! But disturbing the Bee's Life.
When your phone rings or when your phone nears them, their nerve will malfunction and gone!(Die)
What will we eat? Air?..huh? Polluted air?
There are many articles about the Bees on the Net! Surf it!
Some advice here:
Turn off your phone if necessary!
Handphone makers out there please don't concentrate on making multi-function phones and earn money! Please cooperate and make a Green phone that will not KILL the BEES
Millionaire out there if you read this Please build a home for the Bees.Let them breed and they will make you full! DO Charity then please build a big HOME for them.

Nuclear War and Terrorism will probably boom our Earth Crust just like the Apple pie..the Apple burst out from the Pie! and we will have no place to stand! No Nuke and no Terrorism please! I beg you all for the sake of EARTH! Even you will a war with humans! But you Blast your own land ! Unless you can fly and can live without eating anything then go head and have a war. V PEACE V Say YES to PEACE!

Depletion of petrol or oil will affect us Deeply. We cant travel , don't have energy to generate electricity! Information will not be anywhere. We will be living in a Black and White World.
How many humans nowadays can live in dark? and not travel.

Ocean full with Jellyfish! You may not see any fish anymore in2050 if the jellyfish conquer the Seas! King of Seven Seas huh? Pirates? Us? Nope it is Jellyfish that Spongebob like..
Jellyfish most of the time living in 'Hot Seas'. Now they travel to Japan(what a cold country)!
They can only live in warm water but why they travel around Japan? Because our sea water are getting warmer because Global Warming.
Neopilema nomurai is a type of Jellyfish that have 2m length and 200kg mass.

AND they eat FISH! If we keep polluting the Seas and Heat up our sea..then buhbye we lack of protein> end of homo sapiens!

Global Warming..hmm all people know right?
Then start hate global warming and things that will suicide our own race!
Move Makers! Please make movies that will teach our own race about environment friendly!
Please this is Important!
If you still can view this thread from in another century time that mean our race successfully protected the EARTH!

2012 The Movie

OST over of 2012 is released bought it TODAY!

Long time didn't touch this site~~Busy with schoolwork hehe.
BTW Last Sunday I went to theater to watch 2012 with my family.
The Story 8/10
The CG 9/10
The Sound Effect 8.5/10
Educational 9/10
This Movie is about end of Human Race..not 100% but almost 99.99% people dead.
This movie makes me think about 2012 if it is real ?
If it is real, what will I do at that moment?
Straight Answer ! I want to Die in comfort..
Actually I want to hold my family together and enjoy the last moment of our life.
I would not be like the move like a leopard..Cuz I'm not good at sprinting haha.
Get a Plane and run to Tibet? huh?..I don't even have money to rent a plane..
Don't even think of going into the ARK..1Bil Euro.

Some important things you need to know before watching this movie.
Sadly the Apocalypse is because of the alignment of our Galaxy with Sun and Earth.
The Sun's neutrino is acting as a microwave to heat up the Earth from the core.
North and South pole change position >
Magnetic field change and tada..
Earth Crust reposition!
That is the main concept for the '2012'
BTW If you are a CG fans this movie definitely have a good one.
But CG only consists of only the little part of the movie.
Something really important is
'Human' & 'Civilization'
To define this 2 word, in the movie really explains all about it.
I don't want to explain here..WATCH THE MOVIE.
(The last part have the answer)
Last word, A good movie to view with family.If you have children teach them about the moral values and Protecting the Earth!


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