Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade Episode 26 Spoiler updated~

X Rider inside!
Tsukasa dress like RAMBO lol~
Catch it ouy Tetsuo Kurata as KR Black RX

Kamen Rider Black RX Kamen Rider Decade Ep26 preview!

OMG Kotaro is back!
RX uses his 3 form and Black appear too!
Rider from Kabuto God Speed Love Movie included!!!
This is sure a must watch episode.
Yup I think 100% this 2 eps related to the movie, cuz their enemy is daishocker.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Heat Up before the Decade vs Daishocker Movie!!Kamen Rider Vs Shocker Epic Movie!

Here is something I would like to heat you all guys of KR Fans out thr with this Movie!
Credit goes to simonkawah on Youtube.
This is an EPIC and Hot blooded Movie of KR.
It is Kamen Rider VS Schoker The Movie.
Only have Ichigo and Nichigo, but watching it sure brings up a lot of memories.
Keep the word less..Here are the Movie!
BTW it is Chinese Subbed...Of you don't know Chinese then See it as raw also feel nice right?

Part 2,3,4 in simonkawah profile...

Odaiba Gundam Charity Auction! SOLD @ 2601000YEN

As Title~
Gundam Rx-78-2 @ 1/1 Scale Has been SOLD!
The auction done by today 5 pm @ 2,601,000 yen!
HOLY !&@%^!&$@&!
Why I'm not the one who bought it!
The winning bidder will get a photo with the Gundam Head On 1st August
by using crane to take him up there!
Hope that day won't have rain, tornado, wind or any weather issue.

Source from :

Next Stop After Shinkenger Decade! RX no sekai Rumors on final episode!

Minami Kotaro is BACK!!!

The original Kotaro as RX in the next world which is EP 26 and 27.
It is confirmed 100%!!!yay Finally ori and not the pirated!
Although this time...and older version comes back haha I still on the heat!
I know this is true since the last 1 month cuz I saw Japan's Magazine telling it gonna be 2 EP of RX.
The Final EP of Decade will be 3 Episode.
A great rider war on the Finale..I think will have or will not.
If Decade saved all the world already, then no rider war..If fail to save then I think Rider War.
Below Preview from Utube!!

Will the EP become the intro of Movie ?
Watch it!
Destroy Everything, Connect Everything.

Ughh..I'm back with more newsS!on MG Ekushia EXIA Ignition Modo!!!

GN Drive wow! MG Exia part nice rite?~~

Yo folks long time didn't update my burogu!
Cuz I'm busy with the homeworkssssssss (Tons of sss means MUCH!)
Homework from School and Tuition!
Especially Maths exercise..I never finish it..and Chemistry exercise from school..My insane throw hundred of MCQ question to us..from June until now I still didn't finish.
Just now I was doing Physics revision on Dynamics ..found out..I don't have the strong concept!!!

BTW From Secret Gunpla Base there is Info of MG Exia !
That modeler somehow get Exia sample from Bandai event...only a few get it.

Daily update of MG EXIA assembling procedure
Until today Drive,Leg,Arm,Head already fixed.
Left Weapon and other feature!
Hit below to go into his blog!
Use google Translator to translate the page if you want!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

ROOKIES 卒業 + A word for my future teacher Best Fren of my life Cheng Kee


If you are a Fans of JDorama you will surely not miss this movie!
Although...DVD need to wait for next year outside Japan but still have to Watch
ROOKIES is a JDorama adapted from a manga
I watched this drama 1 year ago when I was F5 and slacking with whole season of spring JDrama
Cuz tat time I kinda ki siao...== NO determination with Studies but only PLAY.
Ended up 1st exam get kinda good marks lol..
After tat I ended my journey of Jdorama
Thn I study hard very hard..ended up 9As(5A1) only miss 5A1...==
Watching drama makes u study good...haha...== Dun blame me when U get sh1t results ok?
Ok come to the review:
I'm a person that cant cry when watching touching movie or drama..
But I give up my virgin of my 1st drop of tear for this Drama.
I learn many good values, I become hot-blooded and feel touching watching the bond of a teacher and his student just like the Master and Disciple concept that strongly emphasis by Daisaku Ikeda Sensei (Soka Gakkai President)
I believe that Teacher that have great moral and heart would teach a good student!
And here A word for Cheng Kee !
Please become a Great Teacher!!!

Cheng Kee Don't give up on student Believe them!
Future of Malaysian is in your HAND!

I know how great is a teacher when I watching ROOKIES A teacher that believe student, believe in them, teach them guide them. I have to say a Golden Quote again!
A teacher is the individual that support Dreams of all students!
Isn't it great?
Kawato in the movie guide them and teach them to solve problem with not using fist and fight.
Kawato teach them that All ppl have dream and hope that must not forget and keep going on.
The teacher in EP1 teach and guide the gangster Baseball team to become good student that have dream to get into Koshien to compete in the Japan Baseball Competition.

So this drama has 11EP include one SP..which is introduction to ppl who didn't watch the Drama.
Now the movie!

This Drama get many awards!!!!

Yup GReeeeN done the drama theme and get the Award hahaha!
and this time !!!
Theme song of this movie is「遥か」by GReeeeN
Translation Haruka by GReeeeN
Hope this Movie get an award no not an is Tons of AWARDS

Friday, July 3, 2009

A new Type of song..I discover J-Rock Besides J-Pop

the revenant choir - Versailles

Haven't you all heard J-Rock yet?
Hear it today!
As the name...J-Rock

Although Being addicted to GReeeeN songs nowadays,hearing different kind of music reflexes our inner self....==
Don't rock until you smash your window...


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