Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu?Bird Flu?SARS?Tsunami?Earthquake?

GRATZ one more lvl to highest level!
According to WHO there is 6 lvl of Influenza beware guys!
Level 6 would mean that a global epidemic was already under way
Highest level means apocalypse ?
This H1N1 virus is keep evolving beware those in Mexico..
Bio Weapon huh?Maybe..
But in my opinion Swine Flu?Bird Flu?SARS?Tsunami?Earthquake? even Volcanic eruption
are sins of human.
This ERA..bad deeds any where in this world..
Cheating,Murdering,Fighting,War,Destroying..all of this not done by other species but by the Ultimately High Intelligent Homo Sapiens!
Have you done your good deed today?
Do more good things no Flu coming ! Believe me!!

Wake Up Humans~~

Monday, April 27, 2009

Engurish FUNNY~~

Why they don't just copy from a the official Coca Cola web?

Where buy the DVD huh?


Nightmare for disNey

Dont act like you are really cool instead you are FUCKIN FREEZING

That is why I love Japanese~ Free culture everywhere

What kinda menu is this..Big Cok?
Badminton beer...I know CHina Lindan is无敌!

Pretty Cap for a Pretty Gal like her...

A Kid innocently take a good picture thought he is clever and have good MORAL!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


!!Image that represent The Happines of Human to enjoy beautiful and pretty thing!!
Another Fowarded email to me..from Yong Jye..
Why Human Life so hard? is the answer..
Use google translate for english...sorry..
知道人的一生為啥會那麼辛苦嗎?~~ 哈哈哈....有意思...



















最後的10年,整天留在家裡,像一條狗坐在門口旁邊看門…………… (T.T)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

No Rain No Rainbow MP3 Download! Link

On Friday nite I watched Naruto Shippuden Movie 2 on PPSTREAM
Found out No Rain No Rainbow by Home Made Kazoku very NICE SONG Lyrics meaningful
I Had figured out a Great Philosophy !!!
No Rain No Rainbow = true(according to science many ways can create rainbow...but it is true)
No Money No Talk = TRUE!!(Especially this Economy Global Crisis)
==Download Link BELOW==
So the Great philosophy are
(Poem Version)
No Rain,
No Rainbow,
No Money,
No Talk.

(English Saying aka Idiom Version)
No Rain No Rainvow ; No Money No Talk
~~No Spoon Fed here~~
Hit Register and Download there!!
Search No Rain No Rainbow to download the MP3
No accelerator pls..use Firefox or IE built in downloader to download it!

Tranlastion Lyrics
Eng lyrics:

The flowing tears quietly tell me
About the end of something
In the blue sky that I looked up to from between the clouds
Certainly there's no such thing as rain that won't stop

No rain no rainbow, I gently
Wipe the dripping water away from my eyes
Before I know it, the rain's stopped
Silence envelops me
The rainbow arch has appeared
So that I'll say something

The smell of the asphalt after the rain puts me at ease
My worn out heart suddenly begins to dance
I dance in a puddle, below that rainbow
I take a step forward with my sneakers that are soaked through

No rain no rainbow
The sadness will clear up one day
Uh. Ah. The thing that I saw to make me weep all day long
Was the light that dyes my heart in rainbow colors

The flowing tears quietly tell me
About the end of something
In the blue sky that I looked up to from between the clouds
Certainly there's no such thing as rain that won't stop
Inside my wounded heart
A bright rainbow is out
Yes, everything will start from here
It will clear up one day, no rain no rainbow

The day will come when I feel nostalgic
Even about the worries that I have right now
Until then, it's alright to cry
This is the passing point of a long life
It's alright to stop moving sometimes
Until it's washed away by the tears

It might all just be for nothing
I've thought that so many times
I've sacrificed everything
And I've thought about giving up
But instead of living my life making to someone else
As to why I can't do it
If I can't do it, then even though it may be awkward
I should go up against it in my own way

No rain no rainbow
The sadness will clear up one day
The thing that I saw so vaguely in the sky above
Was the light that shines on tomorrow in rainbow colors

The flowing tears quietly tell me
About the end of something
In the blue sky that I looked up to from between the clouds
Certainly there's no such thing as rain that won't stop
Inside my wounded heart
A bright rainbow is out
Yes, everything will start from here
It will clear up one day, no rain no rainbow

Everyone is carrying pain around with them
Certainly right now, we're testing tested
Even on those sleepless nights, stand firm and endure
Endure even in painful situations
Because those days will make you stronger

It pierces through a crack in the clouds so brightly
The light envelops everything

The flowing tears quietly tell me
About the end of something
In the blue sky that I looked up to from between the clouds
Certainly there's no such thing as rain that won't stop
Inside my wounded heart
A bright rainbow is out
Yes, everything will start from here
It will clear up one day, no rain no rainbow

In order to rescue myself from this monochrome world
I'm going to dab in some rainbow colors without making a sound.


Thks to Ah Xiang for sending me this funny email...













结论:男人专一 女人花心


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cho Climax Jump Den-O mp3 download

The Album got 3 songs
1.超 Climax Jump
( f8 l* ]; i- E5 r2 T『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-6 l. l; v- f5 W/ s9 w
2.超 Climax Jump~** MIX~
: f4 ]9 P! B5 H) @! ]4 z特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|
1 }' K- V7 h& l' v4 ^0 m中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄3.超 Climax Jump(Instrumental)

The download link provide only 2 song
the 1st and 2nd
take it if you want!

Cho Climax Jump Lyrics
いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん スゲーじゃん?!特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,1 i8 b- E# G. O: m9 Y; U1 \
特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,4 V* r& U/ h- o" I; ]
覚えてるか 『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-( Q2 m8 M; a+ s! G
2 O3 ] I' ?. Z. Z, _( Z景色
. W$ r" ]" i4 z. p, J5 l7 T2 d( I1 p中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄水たまりを飛びこえ 虹に近づく
- X( }( i) q& D4 t/ ?+ w& v5 l2 DFantastic!
7 g" X8 e3 s+ s! v4 y特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,憧れたり 夢見たり 忙しい気持ち
% Z2 k e C6 N1 U$ I- H6 r落ち込んで嫌になって やたら長い夜も I6 Q- b. o% e+ j& w. K
いつだって「大丈夫、大丈夫」特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,8 z N5 \8 n# v+ l
聞こえるよ 時間を越えて
1 B; ]' V* n1 n+ ]9 v中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄
7 E# L9 P6 r" u+ h& A* }+ A5 ~特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|始まりの歌 いつも突然
: t( Z3 P: t. s/ e( F. P0 U) ~特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|笑えてくるよ 僕の心に `& \ e+ y0 W4 b5 }5 I' A
君の声ずっと Climax
% l4 C0 |4 T1 n/ G) D4 C* \. R( ] }特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|変わり続ける 未来にずっとbbs.temox.com0 {+ V# x; e0 j' Q5 [1 v
変わらないだろう 約束繋ごう中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士 KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄3 ? E% K3 t# m" e
君にまた出逢うため Climax jump!特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|$ {8 I, f* V/ Z) L9 y- A8 v, L

' J; w+ e7 p, @' N7 Q s8 N7 O5 f『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん スゲーじゃん?!
' J9 e- n3 Q+ i9 k9 ~) P5 x3 ^& d)
. p- ?% p/ W" l4 q特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|忘れてく 出来事がきっとあれば
1 M3 ], a2 J7 i V; D- v特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|たったひとつだけ 輝いて消えないもの B; s/ d$ h; J1 W( t
My Treasure
* `! W6 a6 D' J" fbbs.temox.comタイミングや 思いやり すれ違うたびに『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-: O/ o, b; w' O( O
傷ついて傷つけて しまうこともある r. b9 E4 F; P$ \
そんな時 思い出す ちゃんと分かり合えてた o. P+ r, o+ Z! |+ ?& o7 s
君がいた事. Z2 j. `* D9 K( q- {: b0 x
: M. m' o4 e7 M6 p% @4 E
旅立ちの時 それは必然中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士 KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄* o) @) F8 x& S* ]5 L' _8 @) o5 K; \
止まっていたら 繰り返すだけ
- R+ v, Y& ] ]: }bbs.temox.com走りつつ 狙え Climax『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-2 U- u2 X* r% E
昨日の自分 よりも誇れる
+ ~: M2 G: P9 ~* U明日の自分 になれるように
; @5 ~3 w9 j' _5 l特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|最大に努力してClimax Jump
( E5 Q: ^% d% p! P7 x『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,6 O' h% @$ A7 Q
+ Q5 m& E5 K: ~
ずっと君と 遊び笑った
! c4 k; @+ p2 ~6 P5 V( _7 ]bbs.temox.com公園から
5 q% P* P- C \- i特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|見上げた 空の青さは
. R9 X u2 T9 Q1 p% i _特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,永遠
% _9 Z- ^1 |' n0 a( a% @特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,- g8 ?2 j8 U5 \

0 ? d$ r8 E$ D2 J$ B) i# D% [: Iリュウタリターンズ!
% u: a9 H" f# K0 p, V0 P特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|みんなもいまーす!特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队, c3 u5 C, M5 X+ x' J4 a; x1 L N
とりあえずご挨拶 Say
0 r0 _1 [7 ?- u! _- E: Z「元気ですかー!」『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-1 `3 G: Y) Q: @( @ @
% E$ e; z& e ~( F+ H) B& v: s1 J特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,ドコまでいけたら世界の果て?特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,- I) Q" k, ^" D2 m2 q
暗くなる No!特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,4 v7 k" K2 |( [8 c3 A; k% p0 ]3 \
不安になる No!
2 o/ i, C# K' c1 e7 `. k2 N3 P特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|今も似たような気分染まる
) ]& Z& p( k; ^# p/ `4 n6 z4 @$ I/ f! rRemain of you0 l1 H( ^( N* p, H
5 Y1 }7 W3 i( b* u特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,そんときの君の特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,: F" _3 r8 b6 B( ]. }# B6 }
% E: c1 {( ~( s& j: T7 G A" ? Q2 ?中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄YEAH!『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-& ]- D% I0 d. p& U# e& X4 b2 m

# d9 H1 f4 D" M3 q) ?" e中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-$ B& \/ j. D: Y: R) j% i
始まりの歌 いつも突然
* u- O( K3 P+ X' }4 D0 j『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-流れてくるよ 僕の心に
, q# M6 L3 W7 ^+ @* c4 D特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,君の声 ずっとClimax: l7 C- W% ^% R. i) ~; o
昨日の自分 よりも誇れる l. `# a7 c6 J8 b! v
明日の自分 になれるように『特摄联盟』-TEMOX特摄萌友社区-8 X6 ` b- U/ J2 o8 z) T o- R* V
約束の その日のため Climax Jump
4 R& k" v1 }3 M1 N" ?3 f m4 H2 D- _( {$ {; P8 \
いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん いーじゃん スゲーじゃん?!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O Final Countdown!!!!!!!

Long waited folks..but it is RAW...fresh apple that no rip of the skin sub sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to Tenimyu101 again!

Noe Japanese watch it, don't know don't watch it
If you are a Kamen Rider Fan who don't know Japanese









Ride The Wind MP3 download !!!!

2 pics and a song for enjoying!
no need talk crap..give me the link PLS!!!
okok dun is the link

File not own by goes to coolpixsONE in youtube
If you like it buy the CD and delete the file downloaded in 24 hours after you complete downloaded the file.

*Don't use Thunder/DAP(any kind of accelerator cuz it does not support and plus enough fast already)*

Kamen Rider EP 12 subbed @ Tenimyu101

Nothing too much to say
watch it!!



ENJOY before removed by Utube...==

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

瑤瑤 殺很大 殺online 杀很大ringtone 手机铃声下载

铃声 /Ringotone here


zzz this is kinda fun!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zheng Hang 保重! Sayonara~~~

What a day Friday~~~Sien lo that day teacher call me go skul part time..I deny it because of this good buddy!!
Typing in the middle of night tomorrow Zheng Hang will be on plane to AUS!
Story time aka history time
Yeah...long long time this phrase too epic fresh..change
Not so long 2005~~
I met him in the hall of Jit Sin..Play Badminton with him.
That time I don't know what his name~
~~So time flew again~~
We meet in the same Persatuan/Club
Persatuan Bahasa Melayu(06) change to Persatuan Bahasa Malaysia (08)
We met again, this time we talk we talk some words~~
but not so near with him~

That is the time we are very near!!
In the same club, talk about Naruto..Bleach?....then about Digimon Savers
Every Monday chem tuition I tell him I go youtube watch digimon savers Raw version after tuition haha~~ talk the same thing for every monday!!
Just an otaku chat with another~
Even in tuition..Chem,BM,ENG we sit beside only
Chat chat chat~~~time flew again~We become more FREN lol Singlish..
爱心周Yeah..I'm not a magician but helped him,Cheng Kee Jia Siang and others
in the performance~~
Before the Charity tuition since ...Feb?Maybe..HE take a lot of magic things come tuition perform here and magic card..and the fake thumb thingy
More close liao..Talk Gundam!!

Form 5 ~~Yup we talk about Gundam 00 S1 since F4 till F5 Code Geass R2 juz anything about great anime that is it...sit beside each other in ENG,BM and Chem tuition again~~
Helped him buy a snap fitted Gundam Exia 1/100 at a good price discuss and talk about gunplaing with him

Talk crap and discuss anything..he had probably helped me some on of the chemistry question
since he is more Intelligent haha
That year tough year SPM SPM SPM
He get a straight A results~~

Meet him in skul~~giving back PS2 DVD that we borrowed from each other since 06 ...
I 4got to take to skul...he took it and gave me back on 3/12~~
So I drive to his house just to give back him the Game haha..cuz i 4got..
Buh Bye meet at G-Garden!!
Tmr he go to AUS!
When he come back~
We are forever buddy la,Dun 4get me hor!

OK Me + Zheng Hang

Cheng Kee and him!

Greenwhich Polo Club present!
By Me,Cheng Kee,Zen Whey,Lyon,Chun Hwa,Jia Siang to him

A wallet and a BELT!! cant henshin one lol
on WED Cheng Kee informed me that he is organising a fareweel party in G-Garden!!
So I just phone Cheng Kee and tell him that I wan buy a present for him call Cheng Kee to gather pplSSSSSS only 6 la..
on THURS Cheng Kee + Me pia go Sunway find a present for him..ended up a coke and a stupid movie..that waste my money .zzzz...but still the movie better than dragonball
For sure present buy 1st!
Zen Whey and Lyon that is late that day haha he can sleep thr cuz he still din pay us for the present
Chun Hwa so happy~~
lol dun take photo when eating~~
SPECIAL EFFECT not photoshop~~~

a BUddha??lol~~(This photo was taken thousand of times and finally a good pic cuz Zen Whey playing..all the time..)

nothing jus a photo of 2 forever good buddy

This 2 act yeng!Yeng ma?U say leh~

OK a group of antau~~(actually all are hamsap...not include me har ok??)
After the cake was CUT not choppeeeeddd
We take a photo outside
The uncle help us took the photo!! All boys BAND!!
60bil of population only less than 50% are males!!...Heng leh got all male photo!

in the END!!
BYE BYE ZHENG HANG hope you have a great studying experience in Sydney U
Forever 仲間!!!!!!!!!!!
Remeber us!! Zheng Hang!!
Dun come home kesi kesi duno us when u with a white chick!!

Finally a stable PC~~

Simple Desktop VISTA LOL~~

Graphic card..finally ==

ok specs~~~
4G ram
320G Sata Hard disk

Bye bye to my old XP CPU~~that has been my side for 5 years

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Rin Takanashi / Takanashi Rin [UPDATED]

Rin Takanashi (高梨 臨 Takanashi Rin?, December 17, 1988—) is a Japanese actress from Chiba Prefecture. She starred in the 2007 film adaptation of the Japanese novel Goth as one of the lead characters, Yoru Morino. She is starring in the 2009 Super Sentai series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger as one of the lead characters, Mako Shiraishi/Shinken Pink. She is part of the gravure idol group, Pink Jam Princess, with four other gravure idols.

Her Blog StrawbeRin:

Go Cheng Beng so tired liao Still need treat those eechi and pervert guys with my post..

for the photobook download please click
got other post
for the tutorial downloading

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally My blog hitting 1.5K...thanks visitors!! Gratz me lol!!

Thanks folks

G-Genration Wii and PS2(If I'm not wrong with the console thingy)

Celebrating this 1500 hit with G-Gen information
This game include 00 series and TRANS AM inside
Season 2?Maybe Included!

This is a game like SRW series
Gonna release this Summer!
Stay Tuned for it.

Thanks for continue supporting my blog~~
Sorry for cant continue to develop the gundam xp theme..
I'm focusing on studies and scholarship now so..sorry folks

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Why Tsukasa in EP 10 Prince of Tennis!! Answer is here!

He is in the Prince of Tennis Live Action Drama...
No wonder Tennis intercept in Rider series


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