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Friday, January 9, 2009

Persona 4 OST download《女神异闻录4》原声音乐专辑 迅雷下载

Download link is below!
This OST is damn..NICE!
Consists of 2 disc.
The tracks are as follow:
1. Pursuing My True Self/ 平田志穂子
2. 記憶の片隅
3. Welcome to the limousine
4. 全ての人の魂の詩
5. New Days
6. Signs Of Love/ 平田志穂子
7. マヨナカテレビ
8. Your Affection
9. Like a dream come true
10. そこにいるのは誰?
11. Reach Out To The Truth -First Battle-/ 平田志穂子
13. Backside Of The TV/ 平田志穂子
14. 推理
15. Castle
16. 狂気の境界線
17. I'll Face Myself-Battle-
18. I'll Face Myself
19. muscle blues
20. It's SHOW TIME!
21. 人の夫/ 珠梨
22. ケロリンMAGIC!
23. Sauna
24. 覚醒
25. Reach Out To The Truth/ 平田志穂子
26. Reach Out To The Truth-Inst version-/ 平田志穂子
27. specialist
28. Theater
29. Heartbeat,Heartbreak/ 平田志穂子
30. youthful lunch
31. Game
33. A New World Fool
34. 霧
35. Period
36. ジュネスのテーマ
37. 心の力(P4ver.)
38. The Path is Open(P4ver.)
39. 夢想曲
40. How much?
41. Secret Base
42. Heaven/ 平田志穂子
43. Alone
44. 推理-another version-
45. Long Way
46. Omen
47. 回廊
48. The Almighty
49. The Genesis
50. I'll Face Myself-another version-
51. Never More/ 平田志穂子
52. Electronica In Velvet Room

Finally here is the download link..
It is a HTTP download but you need one thing that is Xunlei aka Thunder in English
Chinese users sure know to use, English users..I find Thunder download link for you all!
Thunder download page:
Thunder aka Xunlei is a download manager!
I think..yeah! I think Xunlei is the fastest download manager!
Even DAP premium slower than Xunlei!

请把 url paste 在讯雷
打开新建 paste 此url 进去

Copy and paste the URL in your Xunlei aka Thunder!

Now can see the URL??


Johnson Huang said...

Damn is Xunlei fast! Thanks for sharing this awesome soundtrack.

Mine峰 said...

No Problem hehe!
Need anymore OST remember to shout it in the chatbox!


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