Saturday, April 18, 2009

Zheng Hang 保重! Sayonara~~~

What a day Friday~~~Sien lo that day teacher call me go skul part time..I deny it because of this good buddy!!
Typing in the middle of night tomorrow Zheng Hang will be on plane to AUS!
Story time aka history time
Yeah...long long time this phrase too epic fresh..change
Not so long 2005~~
I met him in the hall of Jit Sin..Play Badminton with him.
That time I don't know what his name~
~~So time flew again~~
We meet in the same Persatuan/Club
Persatuan Bahasa Melayu(06) change to Persatuan Bahasa Malaysia (08)
We met again, this time we talk we talk some words~~
but not so near with him~

That is the time we are very near!!
In the same club, talk about Naruto..Bleach?....then about Digimon Savers
Every Monday chem tuition I tell him I go youtube watch digimon savers Raw version after tuition haha~~ talk the same thing for every monday!!
Just an otaku chat with another~
Even in tuition..Chem,BM,ENG we sit beside only
Chat chat chat~~~time flew again~We become more FREN lol Singlish..
爱心周Yeah..I'm not a magician but helped him,Cheng Kee Jia Siang and others
in the performance~~
Before the Charity tuition since ...Feb?Maybe..HE take a lot of magic things come tuition perform here and magic card..and the fake thumb thingy
More close liao..Talk Gundam!!

Form 5 ~~Yup we talk about Gundam 00 S1 since F4 till F5 Code Geass R2 juz anything about great anime that is it...sit beside each other in ENG,BM and Chem tuition again~~
Helped him buy a snap fitted Gundam Exia 1/100 at a good price discuss and talk about gunplaing with him

Talk crap and discuss anything..he had probably helped me some on of the chemistry question
since he is more Intelligent haha
That year tough year SPM SPM SPM
He get a straight A results~~

Meet him in skul~~giving back PS2 DVD that we borrowed from each other since 06 ...
I 4got to take to skul...he took it and gave me back on 3/12~~
So I drive to his house just to give back him the Game haha..cuz i 4got..
Buh Bye meet at G-Garden!!
Tmr he go to AUS!
When he come back~
We are forever buddy la,Dun 4get me hor!

OK Me + Zheng Hang

Cheng Kee and him!

Greenwhich Polo Club present!
By Me,Cheng Kee,Zen Whey,Lyon,Chun Hwa,Jia Siang to him

A wallet and a BELT!! cant henshin one lol
on WED Cheng Kee informed me that he is organising a fareweel party in G-Garden!!
So I just phone Cheng Kee and tell him that I wan buy a present for him call Cheng Kee to gather pplSSSSSS only 6 la..
on THURS Cheng Kee + Me pia go Sunway find a present for him..ended up a coke and a stupid movie..that waste my money .zzzz...but still the movie better than dragonball
For sure present buy 1st!
Zen Whey and Lyon that is late that day haha he can sleep thr cuz he still din pay us for the present
Chun Hwa so happy~~
lol dun take photo when eating~~
SPECIAL EFFECT not photoshop~~~

a BUddha??lol~~(This photo was taken thousand of times and finally a good pic cuz Zen Whey playing..all the time..)

nothing jus a photo of 2 forever good buddy

This 2 act yeng!Yeng ma?U say leh~

OK a group of antau~~(actually all are hamsap...not include me har ok??)
After the cake was CUT not choppeeeeddd
We take a photo outside
The uncle help us took the photo!! All boys BAND!!
60bil of population only less than 50% are males!!...Heng leh got all male photo!

in the END!!
BYE BYE ZHENG HANG hope you have a great studying experience in Sydney U
Forever 仲間!!!!!!!!!!!
Remeber us!! Zheng Hang!!
Dun come home kesi kesi duno us when u with a white chick!!

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