Wednesday, April 1, 2009

JPA Scholarship interview experience~~

Super Royale ACE!!
no teaching you all to gamble here but to let you know juniors interviewees relax.
Hold a confidence in your hand like holding an Ace in your hand.
The interviewers were kinda friendly la haha!!
Hope can help you guys..
I'm a one day past seyyynior!!!

Need info shout in the chatbox of my blog>>>Above the oppai lady haha

Date:2nd April
Place:Kepala Batas Panel 5
Course:Chemical enginering

I'm the 1st one to go in panel 5..and I'm number one..
No offense but I think I shoot too many people opinions lol~~..I think I'm quite embarrassing when the panel call me to stop cuz no time adi..

5 chinese in my group!!...including myself
2 ppl biotech,1 gal tourism,1 fren E&E..Myself chem eng
OK Intro in BM
Easy job!! I prepare whole night for that!!..
OMG I heard the biotech Chung Ling Penang guy was very good.He talk the most and have very good vision of life!!!
No offense here If I said you guys ok??
1st Q:How do you intend to repay the society if you get this scholarship!!
Chung Ling guy 1st one who raised his hand..damn pro that guy..straight A and very good debater.He said he wanna do a research on biofuel.
The panel ask him there was some issue about the western country against do you think.I 4get how he answer adi.
2nd guy was me.Oh godly I phail in English..zzz
I said I wanna create a new technology from what I had learn in overseas.
Make a better solar cell, more efficient,less cost can use in rainy days and night...
Then I blah blah blah..saying I saw Sci FI movie..(Gundam 00)
Country that depends on fossil fuels in future will be bad in economy.
So Many countries like US,Germany,Japan has develop few city using solar.
If we go learn their skills and develop own, in future other country will buy our solar cells or solar product,that is the time we no need to depends on fuel and our economy will grow!!
the boy beside me:He said biotech.He wanna do abt agriculture or something..I 4get already.
The Gal:She said a lots of tourism things that wanna promote their country to overseas ppl.IN intro she said she think Malaysia got a potential in Tourism.
My fren the kin jiong one:He was very nervous I think.
He said he wanna develop new electrical items!!which is save electric and does not pollute the environment!!
lol the 2nd question.
They ask in English call us to discuss in Malay..this is the place I talk too much and oppose other opinion..I think I will die here...
They ask something about is it necessary for children to send their parents to OF Home.
the gal kata ini adalah perbuatan yang tidak baik..blah blah blah
CHung Ling guy Dia kata saya tidak setuju bhw blah blah blah anak derhaka
Me:I said I agree with the chung ling guy.If the anak send their parents to OFH that is derhaka even burung gagak cares their parents right??lol
Then I said If this question refer to diff buddy diff situation will be.
I give example If the child if busy with works left 2 old parents in home.
If lupa tutup gas or something will be BOOM all byebye..
Nowdays rompak everywhr I mean if they sent to OFH they can play catur the and not kena tikam by the perompak.
Then they wanna stop me..I keep continue my point I say dengar saya...
I kata that we want our parents safe that is taat , in OFm ppl can take care abt them.
Then I said some ppl that do not sent their parents for 1 or 2 years in there and no take their parents home.I said when the anak balik kerja they can take back and took care of them..oh crap they said can hire maids or nurse to take care them.
I said economy too bad.My fren said so that is why kejiranan is important!!!!!
then I wanna fight back lol..too much lazzy tell..I talk too much and the guy beside me tells something and support me.
The End I kena cut off by the panels that I talk too much.
they ask me any question?
LIke all other recomers I ask them what is their profession and bonding.
I tell them I need the cheapest cost to cont my tertiary study...So I agree with them that local is no problem with me and I ask them if study local we go whr prepare they call me check out the web haha!!
I'm the only one who shake hand with them!!
Then the Engineer lady ask me my father bersara?Then I said yes he bersara last year and now working as a prt timer in a steel work company.
We end around 1hr.

OK time to go back buh bye get ur own file and go home!!

Ppl who know me know I'm a guy that like talk a lots of crap and air~~
Just keep talking in the bathroom or in your toilet.
Must be confidence don't be nervous!
Prepare to speak not to shut up in interview!!

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