Friday, May 1, 2009

26 Kamen Riders vs Daishocker Decade The Movie updated!

The Movie is on 8/8/09

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Own world, to find that train travel in the world of the Rider.
KURI広GERU win the battle of the DIKEIDO, or dream or hope or despair?
Rider in 1998 to commemorate the anniversary of "RAIDADIKEIDO mask" is a story of destruction and regeneration.
Finally, the last trip to the end of the unspeakable, to expand the theater screen.
Masked Rider gathered a total of Showa Heisei issue.
Get the big shocker of the organization all set!
Fright film fans await the development of all riders,
ICHI Ban the impact of this summer, to all who watch ! !

change the blog header because too excited!
A movie of Decade + the other riders! Not Heisei only but ALL !
Heisei + Showa

26 riders in total in a Movie!
Decade & Riders Vs Daishocker
Youtube Trailer

OMG this totaly ROCKS!
I have to say it this year is a great year for Gundam + Kamen Rider!!!!!!

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