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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Kamen Rider W and Accel new form INFO

These info is from toys release.
It should be 90% true.
Besides Fang Joker a New form Available! for W
The memory is bird animal like fang can move with its own will.
It is translated as Gaia Bird Extreme memory.
It can change the shape and dock into the W driver.

New Weapon for W also.
The name for the weapon is Prism Picker (超多色発光剣 DXプリズムビッカー)
With Prism Memory (プリズムメモリ付属)
Prism Sword and Prism Shield  (プリズムソードとビッカーシールドが分離)
Sword and shield can be separate and uses Memory Break.

Kamen Rider Accel new form is
Accel Trial
uses Maximum Counter Trial Memory  (マキシマムカウンター トライアルメモリ)to henshin
Maximum Counter Trial Memory can use Maximum Drive means memory break

Counter until '0', Bonus will stop (Don't know what this means but I think is kinda same with Faiz AXEL form)

New detective gadgets
DenDen Sensor (デンデンセンサー)
Have Google mode and Live mode

Info about the Ultimate Dopant..I don't know so much about the meaning.
Dopant Memory (ドーパントメモリ)
Use up to 25 gaia memory with correct sequence to henshin. 25 x 2 episodes  = 50 episodes so I think W will make through 50..Hope so~
The one that henshin into Dopant is the old uncle Terror.
I don't what its means but hopefully no wrong.

More info about the new toys and products that can let you confirm my information on next post.

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