Friday, July 17, 2009

Ughh..I'm back with more newsS!on MG Ekushia EXIA Ignition Modo!!!

GN Drive wow! MG Exia part nice rite?~~

Yo folks long time didn't update my burogu!
Cuz I'm busy with the homeworkssssssss (Tons of sss means MUCH!)
Homework from School and Tuition!
Especially Maths exercise..I never finish it..and Chemistry exercise from school..My insane throw hundred of MCQ question to us..from June until now I still didn't finish.
Just now I was doing Physics revision on Dynamics ..found out..I don't have the strong concept!!!

BTW From Secret Gunpla Base there is Info of MG Exia !
That modeler somehow get Exia sample from Bandai event...only a few get it.

Daily update of MG EXIA assembling procedure
Until today Drive,Leg,Arm,Head already fixed.
Left Weapon and other feature!
Hit below to go into his blog!
Use google Translator to translate the page if you want!

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