Friday, July 17, 2009

Next Stop After Shinkenger Decade! RX no sekai Rumors on final episode!

Minami Kotaro is BACK!!!

The original Kotaro as RX in the next world which is EP 26 and 27.
It is confirmed 100%!!!yay Finally ori and not the pirated!
Although this time...and older version comes back haha I still on the heat!
I know this is true since the last 1 month cuz I saw Japan's Magazine telling it gonna be 2 EP of RX.
The Final EP of Decade will be 3 Episode.
A great rider war on the Finale..I think will have or will not.
If Decade saved all the world already, then no rider war..If fail to save then I think Rider War.
Below Preview from Utube!!

Will the EP become the intro of Movie ?
Watch it!
Destroy Everything, Connect Everything.

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