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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jit Sin Voices Forum please SUPPORT!

Recently I have received email from my fren and found out this interesting forum open by my school students.
They want their voice to hear by the Authorities and Public so they create this site.
There is other interesting subforums too.
You can use English, Chines or Malay in the forum!
Feel free to use SMS or chatting language inside the forum!
But Please respect each other in the forum la~
here are the Objectives of the forum which I copied from the forum:


Objective of forum.
1.The main objective of this forum is to let Jit Sin people(mainly Student or Authorities + parents or public) to express their voices.We provide a Speak Out Jit Sin Board for collecting feedbacks from all sides and a chance for member of Jit Sin Family to comment and show their thoughts to public.
2.We create this forum not to challenge the school authority.
3.We are Jit Sin people!We love Jit Sin.
4.Many peoples have some good opinions and constructive ideas that will make the future of Jit Sin High School a better place and better environment for the authorities and students.
5.Here is the real Black and White of our sound. Not just rumor.
6.Parents who don't have time attend PIBG or Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting and school events to speak out, here is the.
7.We want change for the better but not worst.
If the tradition is good we reserve, if we cant follow the advancing world we must advance too.

Why open to public?
We face problem when we communicate with the school, we need the world to help us to judge whether that our plan is best for our school.
Here we provide evidence and reasoning for each problem we faced, we need some parents and public opinions and feedbacls about the current condition.

You can click the Celestial Being Logo beside my post>>to enter the forum or

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