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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Secret on Philip (not stated in MOVIE) IMPORTANT!


Sonozaki Raijin is dead because of Gaia Memory
His mother is sad and hated Gaia Memory so she went away from Sonozaki Family and become SHROUD
Because of Raijin death, The father Sonozaki Ryubee cloned Rajin using earth's memory.
Shourd knows that the cloned Raijin don't want to make memory but he is forced to do so.
Therefore, Shourd and Sokichi Narumi planned to save him(Philip).
So the movie reveals the part where Sokichi went to the tower with Shotaro and saved him.

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1 comment:

KuroHana said...

Wow , Where do you get these info ? And Philip is a clone ? Woooow .


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