Thursday, March 26, 2009

Decade no sekai!

Final Kamen Ride De De De DeCade!!!!!!!

The Destroyer of 9 Kamen Rider ___Deacde!!!
A very nice series of Heisei Rider!The KR that is pro in everything like Kabuto, a strong rider that is a pre-dite and lost memory, a rider that ppl call Akuma! Devil aka Destroyer!!!!
A RIDER that travels to the other 9 KR worlds to save the DAY or his own world.
Where is Tsusaka no sekai,where i Decade no sekai..will he travel into my sekai?...nid not to ask!
But I'm sure this is my sekai.
Kuuga,Blade, Ryuki, Faiz, Kiva, Den-O, Agito, Hibiki, even Kabuto defeated by this junior!!FTW!
Anyway old actors of the old heisei series are not in there T.T except Kiva cuz Wataru is thr, other still not confirm but untill Faiz so far thr is no old actors!!

Upload new info later~~

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