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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ok Decade Spoilers~~Why call it spoilers anyway..

A cute Natsumi Pic for you folks 1st..Never see her smile anyway~
Guys below are the spoilers~~~

Next EP Spoilers~~See Faiz?Student?
And MC photo looks like gangster in the J Drama?!
Teacher ,school life?
Be sure catch the coming EP!
New Rider DI-END (The End?DeEnd?Nvm)

Let me explain Di End for you guys,He knows the MC sure....He is Blue!!!
HE is diff from decade Because he is Blue and he is Red..
He uses a Gun to slot in and Decade uses the Belt(Epic+Classic)\
Spoilers~~ Read at your own risk!!
DI End can summon Sub Riders but not henshin to them...
Decade can henshin and use the other rider as Weapon and probably Di End can use too He can summon the weapon by his card when the rider not there....
Spoilers Again, The KR Kaiser that attack MC probably summoned by DiEnd..

That is it The End~

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