Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gundam Double O End that way~~

OK Why O Gundam DIE???IN the end they just clash each other with the epic gundam

Clashing?Between Exia and O Gundam not OO and Reborns~~

I heard they call this Exia R2..don't know why..with Gn Sword 3

IN the end like S1 and other series ending..just half damaged and still alive~

PS..Not Cast off but is turning back*and transfomr wow!!

Pretty cool before the clashing but become one legged Gundam after the end
right leg damaged, O raiser right wing damaged, Head gone...
Left Hand and wing get ripped of stolen by Reborns~~(He stole the ori drive..thinks that he lost because don't have good drives..zz in the end 1 ori drive VS 1 ori drive He LOST..Actually not the drive problem is because he is the antagonist..if he is the protagonist the results will diff!!)


Don't know what is the meaning of "The Childhood of Humankind Ends"
Title of Gundam OO new movie??!

Gundam OO New Movie ~~2010~~Wait for subbed one at least 2012 ..haha

Next Week Hagaren!! Metal!!!
Full Metal Alchemist is back!!
Don't know what the plot is !!
Mystery...the short guy and his full metal brother which is not the FMA..

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