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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Long time folks!

Long time frens...Since my PC now is back online and working properly ,I can update my blog now...Shit why wait so long!!!!!
Sorry some members tat the Gundam 00 Xp theme I working on is bye bye~~Cant help because I formatted my
Currently I'm following Gundam00 Last fews EP, yeah this coming sunday is the Finale!!
And yeah I'm watching KR Decade..who needs a subbed KR Decade link tat update very fast!!
I'm giving you all this>>>giide search this on Utube
Here is the uploader that upload the Raws on Sunday..probably..Subs on Thurs or Fri.
Subbed by TV Nihon..I do not own KR DECADE..probably..zzz
Will provide OST download. If you like the OST please buy it legally!!
After download be sure delete it in 24 hours!

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