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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kamen Rider W watches!

Kamen Rider W new!!! products!!

ta da ta da da ta da da da da WBX Crime du du du du...Intro of WBX songs..
small exam ended today so my blogging mood is back!
Kamen Rider W Driver, Bettle Phone and Fang memory watches!

I don't dare to wear these haha but If I'm 10 years younger, MAYBE!

the driver watch can open to view time just like Henshin time haha
While the fang memory will have its mouth open when in memory mode.
bettle phone huh? Just open like the cellphone in the episodes.
Probably if the phone is real, I think kinda amazing but can call only, no sms no email no 3g no camera no music except talk talk talk and ring ring

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