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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Some 27 picture and Next Episode!! Kamen Rider W 28 Preview Photo!!

Our Pretty magician guest ! looks Moe in sailor uniform! haha!
Half Boiled grab the hot headed? what's the prob anyway? Watch Episode 28 you will know!
The New Snail Gadget is called Denden Sensor and the frog is called Frogpod haha, cute name RIGHT?
Denden can change into Binocular mode which have infrared that can see through invincible.

This 3 people here is Terui Father,mum and sister.Kinda cute the sis haha!
Below is a mystery girl which I don't know is who.
The Insane Doctor!

 Some preview Picture and profile about our guest!!!

Below are the common preview picture for every week!
Accel and W fight with Weather!

Seems that Shotaro was injured after the fight with Weather.Philip used his body as Fang to fight back!
Seems our Terui-san is out of his mind again, seek for revenge and do some stupid things.
In his anger, Philip get a PUNCH!
Never mind, you'll get it!
He got a punch from Philip back ahahaha!!
Seems that you need some training and upgrades before you can kill the white hentai dopant doctor lol.

Our cute gadget seems to come out to gather ! Have Party? Maybe? I think maybe they came out to celebrate someone to join em?..Maybe the Bird Extreme Memory??

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