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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Feedback Needed for Minenosekai to Improve!!

OK, fans and visitors I'm now need some of your feedback about my blog.
Currently I have around 190k page views and around 400-500 visitors and 800-1000 average page views per day.
BUT one thing that really weird is my blog can't even earn 100 USD since 3 years ago till now
Therefore, I think IMPROVEMENT is needed for my blog.
Therefore, fans and pros please,I need your comments on how to improve for a better earning.
Where is the weakness and strength of my blog, I need these comments to improve Minenosekai.

Thank You.

Your truest,


Mine峰 said...

Put some comment here or the Chatbox thank you.

Gideon a.k.a GideonCyclone03 said...

Hi!~ I've been following youtr blog for quite a while. ^_^
I like your blog contains.
My suggestion for you to inprove, try to change some background colour, the yellow may sometime end up be a pain in the eyes. You can also do link exchange(Making blogrolls) with other bloggers to help promote your blog to more visitors.

InsaneShams said...

I just wanted to let you know,

I love this blog, some ways you could improve is maybe improve the comment section of each post, so that it doesn't like to another site, such as this to post comments, your post on this matter was a little confusing to me, have you made more money since a few years ago or less money?

The new design of the new blog is already very attractive and I think you've done a great job. Some ways you could improve might be to have a section of all the OST's and a section all the videos.

Mine峰 said...

I would like to say I make less.


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