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All Riders Let's Go Kamen Riders Information

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Translation I made is based on Google Translate.Therefore translation may be wrong in some line that I can't get the meaning.
Tons of translation and editing done to tis post..Ughh..pressure..
Need to thanks me a lot kay? >.<
Special thanks to Google Translate for helping me!
. X9 _- ~8 t( [& }本作に登場する1号ライダーと2号ライダーは、
, c9 n; o! R( Z" a『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-”最強にして最悪のショッカー怪人”の異名を持った存在として描かれる。
 From Left General Black (Speaker: 清三 Hukumoto),, Rider 1,Rider 2, and Shocker Greed
 Rider No. 1 and No. 2 rider to appear in this film,
"The Strongest and Most Evil Shocker"is called Phantom(something like that)
Those 4 up there is called Phantom.

Shocker Greed (voice: Hideo Ishikawa)
中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假 面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄# |) }  `" ~, j3 O6 k% [( k# Y9 X, o" f+ O8 u  M8 Y特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,

ショッカーがオーメダルの力を使って生み出した怪人で、bt.temox.com9 k# n0 o! k% X( f5 _1 L8 Q' N; O
本来1971年の世界にはいるはずの無かった存在。7 c9 K! e' x% ?
; E, c7 W/ I; t2 z, \0 s5 E" G特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|金色のバックルはショッカーの強化怪人の証。特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|4 Q9 J" h: J) f" ]
The Monster is produced using the power of Os Medal Shocker,
The world of 1971 should have no original exists.
The eagles have a similar overall appearance, have a unique shape that protrudes from the shoulder and the right eye snake.
The Gold Bucket Belt is the proof of enhanced Kaijin.
Yu is responsible for the design 出渕.(I don't know what this line means.....from Google Translate)
中国特 摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假面骑 士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄. o1 H4 ~6 A6 o+ O/ v

) N/ G4 _# Z6 R5 z/ _' i中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士 000,假面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄「あれ、メダルが出ない」と不思議がるオーズを尻目に、
3 h1 _! T0 z! G3 G, c5 A中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士 000,假面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄モールイマジンは10才の少年の体へと入り込み姿を消してしまう。
1 m2 A7 f. [; J- J0 K8 C' rbt.temox.com突如デンライナーで現れた幸太郎とテディは少年にライダーチケットを当てると、
: X9 \6 a  ]5 N$ P" l" c特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,浮かび上がったのは「1971年11月11日」という日付。
% `1 [1 X! `/ m2 T2 c1 Z『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-なぜ10才の子供に40年前の記憶があるのか?
 The battle scenes kick off when the mole imagine and Oz are fighting.
"Why no medals bleed out?," Oz  wondered,
Mole Imagine disappear and get into the body of 10-year-old boy.
Kotaro and Teddy suddenly appeared from Den-Liner and put a ticket on the boy's head.(like old time)
The date is 11th of November 1971
Is there a memory of 10 year old boy during 40 years ago, why?!!
(10 years old have 40 years memory... WTF!)

モールイマジンを追って過去へと向かうデンライナーの車内には映司とアンクの姿も。bt.temox.com" ~* d6 u+ c7 g( e
+ G  o' t( p5 g# C特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|狙うはもちろんオーメダル!中 国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,假 面骑士电王,天装战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队等各类特摄: B# ?* f; |7 ?$ r% o3 t) w
In Den-Liner, the train that travels towards past for the pursuit the mole Imajin. The Picture above is the figure of Ankh and Eiji映司.
They are advised not to leave Den-Liner.
But Ankh insisted to sneak out to search for the Core Medals before the Greed was reborn during 2011!
And this cause lots of problem.

特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,2 s! k2 g, H8 H+ b2 o1 p

! e( ^9 o: o" T& }# W9 \4 D6 _特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|「スナック アミーゴ」と書かれた看板が。
' @* T$ t% X' l, |9 W6 wしかも、一体は廃墟と化していた!
Back in the original time-line in 2011, 映司, where the sign there should be Cous Coussier,
" Amigo Snack "sign is written on it!
And the place was deserted!!
特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,8 F5 _. v3 n. N9 R( ^8 r3 Z0 W! Q

" X* ~) s' k  E5 l『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-2011年には世界のほとんどを支配するほどに勢力を拡大していた。
) G  c) d: R/ }6 |! mbt.temox.com警察までもがショッカーの手先となっている世界に救いはあるのか?
Evil forces of Shocker got medals in 1971 and soon conquered Japan.
In 2011 they were enough to expand their powers and ruled most of the world.
Salvation in the world has become a pawn of the police or even a shocker as well?(GT which means google translate)

; ~  M# G8 q4 A& N+ K& c『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-洗脳手術によって悪の改造人間となっていた!
6 J- y: o# C1 i3 J/ H# Q) n特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|以降、新たな仮面ライダーが現れることは無く、「仮面ライダー」は
' V* S+ v" a* N) A# T特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,ショッカーの頂点に君臨する怪人の称号となってしまう・・・。
In 1971, Rider No. 2 Rider and Rider No.1 has lost to Shocker
The evil scientist modified and brainwashed the Riders.
Since it appears no new Kamen Rider, "Rider" is
is titled as Phantom which means the strongest Kajin of Shocker.
  S7 C( s7 k5 N

歴史を修復するため、幸太郎は映司を連れ立ってデンライナーで再び1971年へ。bt.temox.com0 r3 r1 w2 F, T9 B. a/ O
そこには少年仮面ライダー隊の姿があった。『特摄联盟』-TEMOX HOME-7 B( t' ~* t( c8 I' Q) \/ C8 C
In order to repair the history, Kotaro and Eiji on board in Den-Liner again!
They go back to 1971~
They meet Nokko a member of Rider team or squad.
Photos of members Nokko girl (played: Tsunematsu Sato Yuu.)

2011年ではショッカーに選ばれなかった子供達はスラムで荒んだ生活を送っていた。特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|天装战队|假面骑士W|塞罗奥特曼|侍战队|假面骑士000|5 a0 v- s9 F$ O% n
左から、ナオキ(演:吉川史樹)、シゲル(演:林遼威)、ミツル(演:今井悠貴)の3人。特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,铠甲勇士,假面骑士W,假面骑士000,天装战队,塞罗奥特曼,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,侍战队,0 D& h  \5 g% R; e  O9 f4 ^7 ~' H
In 2011, children were not chosen to Shocker and desolate life in the slums.
From left, Naoki (Speaker: Humi Tatsuki Yoshikawa), Shigeru (Speaker: Liao Wei Lin), Mitchel (Speaker: Takashi Yuu Imai) three people.
These names  must have been heard by the rider fans during Showa era.

I have not time to carve the world's Kamen Rider The association Gorugomu dark
Was trying to rule the world with many other evil organizations shocker empire crisis.
, The ranking army Jenerarushadou Deruza (voice: Shibata Hidekatsu) is
Appeared and renewed his original version.
Shadow sword, shot Trump (Trump bombs) in the surgery and move 秘技 with giant playing cards
The mercy of the Oz,
(All the above is from GT)

Special thanks to Google Translate for helping me!
source via (http://ca3.blog76.fc2.com)bt.temox.com/w

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