Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rumors and Spoiler! Discussion on WHY Tatoba Combo?

Why Tatoba Combo?
Tatoba is the living things born before GREED.
They are the 'ancestors' of Bird, Insect and Cat family species.
To defeat and handle the GREED, the inventor or creator of OOO found out the advantages ability and skills of Tatoba. They want to make reform Tatoba by using core medals.
Because of OOO is used by human, the true ability cannot be shown.

Why TaToBaringu Combo?
After many times of fail experiment on Tatoba, the creator found out that Batta and human are not adaptive.Therefore they used Baringu (Living things that were born at the same time with GREED) to form Combo.
Finally, OOO that can fight with the ancient living things is BORN!!

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