Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Kamen Rider series 1000th Speical Episodel !! EP 28 + Movie INFO!

Rushing updates for my loyal fans!
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1000th special episode!
Yee Yee~ Shocker Kaijin.
Eiji is on the round table!

Tricera medal! The Dinosaur combo will appear!

TAMASHI COMBO!Is that kamekameha lol?


  • Episode 28 and the upcoming movies is related to the special 1000th episode of Kamen Riders Series.
  • Date gets an incurable disease and Goto replaced him as Birth.
  • The left hand of Ankh appeared with his subordinate!
  • Taka,OOOO, and original OOOOO TAMASHII COMBO will appear(This is the translation I get from Google Translate)

source via bt.temox.com/w

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