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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Imperfect is Perfect! The Law Imperfect= Perfect by YongSF

Today I have found out a great Philosophy...yeah..I'm kinda a thinker.
Many people in this world thinks that Everything they DONE must be close to 'perfection'
Perfection is it really exist?
The level or perfection is determined by the human who want to be perfect.
SO is it really perfection in this world?
(..No again)
Here are some strong examples.
The World is created in a perfect way or not?
If the world is perfect the Universe, Suns, Moons, Planets
and the perfect Mother Earth which we live on until today.
Are our planets have the same diameter?Mass?Gravity?Temperature?
All rocks in the Earth are they the same size?
So if we say the world is perfect then imperfect is perfect.
Just a Mathematical way!
Are we all subset of Universe?
Are all of us subset of Earth?
If the world is created in a perfect way !
Why not all things are equal?
All situations are perfect?
Even in a research many small factors are negligible!
Is it perfect?Even small factors may affect the small reading but we all denied it.
In maths Pi equals to 3.1415926535897932384626433832795...
OK there is ... and we don't calculate it.
Because of we ignore many things i the world and we look it as perfect is it perfect?
No !
We cant achieve perfect in the real world.
Even Gunpla by Bandai got some error on the parts(If you are a gunpla fans sure u will know it)
So Perfection is only the level stated by the individual, if we cant achieve that level, why don't we let it up?
Your homework , co-curriculum,your looks,your characteristics are good, is it perfect?
100 Marks on exam paper?really perfect?
No because we standardize the level, we human does it!
Perfect is hard to achieve because we always set it to a high level.
There are many people who thinks they wanna be perfect, even the mountains don't have the same shape.
Do we need to become 100% for everything?No we need not.
I saw many real examples.....
Some parents want their child to become the king of everything!
They want them to become 100% but in the end the parents and kids have mental problem.
Why we need our new generation to suffer?Let them have a happy childhood.
Why not from this second, we put down the level of perfect in our mind.
We will be happy!
Perfection is not exist.
Have you think before 'Imperfection' is the only Perfection in this world?
Feel the freedom put down the stress !


This Article is Copyrighted to YongSF

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