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Friday, June 12, 2009

Study style for Sixth Form aka Form Six

Action Pose of MG Exia just for viewing.
(I already preorder it!It gonna come by my house in the end of July hahaha)
OK back to the main point!
Now aka Currently studying in Form 6.
As We know F6 is a route with spikes and ambush everywhere maybe some traps here
because Form 6 student need to sit for the 2nd hardest Exam in the WORLD!

As for me tuition is a must for physics student.
But appropriate style of study is the compulsory for success in exam.
Now I want to change my style of study that is computer time cut by half...throw it for homework and exercise..(I seldom do tuition homework for the pass 17 years)
Now I need to do all ~~
Improving your brain power + concentration is a good way to +++++ lvl up !
How to improve brain power?
According to some research show that people use 2 hemisphere of brain their IQ will be 10%
more than people who using 1 hemisphere of brain eg left brain dominant user.
So I change my mouse pad from RIGHT to LEFT (use left hand when surf the web but not gaming)
this will improve the capacity of storing information in your brain!
How to concentrate in studies?
ok 1st throw away your television 1st then use your free time to read!
Any books! no internet! Just read many many many until MUCH books!
It will help you concentrate when reading because this habit will develop a new software in your brain that will help you concentrate for sure!As for the optimum power...depends on yourself.

The Law of Attraction use it!(trust me this will totally help you and we)
Buy ' The Secret '
You can be a genius with this book!
Last word study smart don't be passive because intelligent will not find you if you are waiting it!

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InsaneShams said...

I'm in the same grade you are.


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