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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Transformers 2 Incoming!!!!24th June oops 23th June !SHOW! in TGV!

Our World Their War

Yay Epic movie of the year!
A must watch in 2009.
Premier is on 24th but I will watch @ 23th hahaha!
Pro right?
Some info for some Transformers 2 know nothing guy!
There are 48 robots in the movie including 16 main bots in the movie!
So Bring some transformers fans to the movie so that you would not only know Bee,Prime or Megatron..You will know Fallen, Jet fire...many many many more!
WATCH IT or you will regret!
The Early premier on 23th June will be in TGV or maybe GSC I not confirmed GSC yet.
So this TUE I gonna enjoy the show on 9.00 pm @ Jusco Seberang Perai!
Anyone wanna join me?!

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