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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Kamen Rider OOO PuToTyra Combo Info!

There are some rumors on the last line.

Dinosaur combo!Dinosaur is the strongest(physically) living things in the Earth!
they have mass destructive power and ruling the Earth for thousand years before humans.
NO doubt, this combo will be powerful, destructive and physically stronger than other combo such as the Heavy Combo.
And now it's the time for this combo to show up in the series.
This form can be transformed by using the 3 dinosaur Greed core medals which is Pterodactyl, Tricetops and Tyrannosaurus Rex.
And these 3 medals are special.
This 3 medals are not compatible with the other core medals which means Eiji can only use the dinosaur core medals for PuToTyra combo but not others like TakaKamakiriCheethah, LionGorillaCheetah...etc
They can't be used to form any other combo.

Yep, this is the unstable combo.PuToTyra just like Fang Joker which means the user can't fully control it will go berserk.
This combo holds a great amount of power which capable of destroying cities.
If Eiji can't control the combo, he will become unconscious and become a devil.(just like Fang Joker)

There is a weapon coming with this combo which is Medagaburyuu.
This weapon can be used by other forms of Kamen Rider OOO too but surely they can't pull and draw out the full potential of this weapon. Only PuToTyra combo are able to do that.(Because this is the Dino's weapon lol)
 This weapon has 2 modes which is the Axe Mode and Bazooka Mode.Medagaburyuu uses cell medals as it's energy or bullet to release a powerful attack.(I'm not sure with the Axe Mode but Bazooka Mode will be like Cell Burst of Birth eating up Cell Medals)
 Picture above is the Axe Mode.

While here you can see the Bazooka Mode.
It releases a powerful beam which is like an AOE that will destroys things surrounding.
And~~~ Only Putotyra are able to shoot it well which means other combo can't do that.
We will see whether Eiji can control it or not.
If he can tame it we will see some powerful action from our Main Character to OWN the villain.
OK some info about the Greed,
The core medals comes from a Dinosaur Greed called Giru.
Giru can create 2 Yummy at once which is one male, one female Yummy.(from Movie Taisen Core)

The combo will be coming up around EP 31 and 32.
Eiji will get the 3 core medals from Kougami.

Source via and HJU

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