Thursday, March 3, 2011

Funny and Nice Interview with 渡部 秀,君嶋 麻耶 and 岩永 洋昭!

渡部 秀 Shu Watanabe as Hino Eiji
君嶋 麻耶 Asaya Kimijima as Goto Shintaro
岩永 洋昭 Hiroaki Iwagana as Date Akira
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Yay! Henshin!
With Shu and Asaya, I'll use I for Interviewer, S for Shu and A for Asaya.

A: Even Satonaka can fight well..
S:Ya, she is better than Goto, you can view it from the episode where she have paid leave(S Laugh)
I:S-san even you also think that Satonaka is stronger than Goto?
A:.....................just let her be rider

S:The early leave of Mezuru and Gameru from the cast really shocks me but there is reason why Kobayashisan write like this.
A:En, very mature thoughts.
I: Still don't have any exploding news
 A: We are all not kids anymore so we cannot just tell something without reponsibility.
S: If you care, just go and ask directly for yourself, I always go and ask about Eiji's past.
A:There is a bit scary when ask directly, most of the time they'll answer "We also don't know"
S: If don't have direct answer means the story and plot is still not fixed.
A:En, Just like the concept of "Protects the World", I also think that this concept is discuss after the scriptwriter' meal (All Laugh)

S: Eiji is now collecting the cores, how bout Goto?
A:I thinks that Goto is still at the ice age. (means still not success)
S:Really? I thought he already warming up.
A:En, Goto is the kind of guy that don't have substantive result, and will keep on hardworking and finally his effort will make him gains the results that he can accept.
S:I see. Just like if cannot become Birth, the scriptwriter will give you a 3rd rider.
A:Then why I'm training so hard with the Birth Busster? I can't accept it this kind of settings.(All Laugh)

1Billion Yen!
H as Hiroki
I: How you feel about Birthday, Kamen Rider Birth final form?
H: A~~That one really cant see the original design of Birth, all the 6 weapons attached to it too exaggerated, mine dubbing has no problem, when I ask Eitoku san about it...he said cant move..too heavy.
I:After the filming of the henshin scene, do you have any interaction with Eitoku san?
H:Interaction and communication is a must, when filming of Birth appear, if time available, I will go and check it out, even that day don't have my scenes, I will ask for acting advice and some skills because we are 2 people that become 1 rider!
I: This quote seems like heard before.(All Laugh)

1st of all, my translation is not so good, secondly my english level is just not good too.
Therefore if any mistakes, please don't scold me. I'm just trying my best to help anyway.

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