Monday, November 16, 2009

2012 The Movie

OST over of 2012 is released bought it TODAY!

Long time didn't touch this site~~Busy with schoolwork hehe.
BTW Last Sunday I went to theater to watch 2012 with my family.
The Story 8/10
The CG 9/10
The Sound Effect 8.5/10
Educational 9/10
This Movie is about end of Human Race..not 100% but almost 99.99% people dead.
This movie makes me think about 2012 if it is real ?
If it is real, what will I do at that moment?
Straight Answer ! I want to Die in comfort..
Actually I want to hold my family together and enjoy the last moment of our life.
I would not be like the move like a leopard..Cuz I'm not good at sprinting haha.
Get a Plane and run to Tibet? huh?..I don't even have money to rent a plane..
Don't even think of going into the ARK..1Bil Euro.

Some important things you need to know before watching this movie.
Sadly the Apocalypse is because of the alignment of our Galaxy with Sun and Earth.
The Sun's neutrino is acting as a microwave to heat up the Earth from the core.
North and South pole change position >
Magnetic field change and tada..
Earth Crust reposition!
That is the main concept for the '2012'
BTW If you are a CG fans this movie definitely have a good one.
But CG only consists of only the little part of the movie.
Something really important is
'Human' & 'Civilization'
To define this 2 word, in the movie really explains all about it.
I don't want to explain here..WATCH THE MOVIE.
(The last part have the answer)
Last word, A good movie to view with family.If you have children teach them about the moral values and Protecting the Earth!

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