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Monday, November 16, 2009

9 Causes ! End of Human Race!

Gundam 00 QAN[T] in OO the Movie 2010
A free picture for you all Gundam fans there! Please protect the Earth or else we won't get any
more Gundam!!(Gunpla)

Lets get to the Main point now about 9 causes predicted that will end us! (This are info from ETVA Astro 316)
  1. Attack of Alien races
  2. North Pole and South Pole Switching Coordinates
  3. Meteor or Planet Crush into Earth
  4. Global Warming
  5. Nuclear War
  6. Extinction of Bees
  7. Depletion of Oil
  8. Ocean conquered by Jellyfish (Scientific Name: Neopilema nomurai)
  9. Terrorism
As We can see the 9 Causes 1st to the 3rd are Natural problem.
From the 4th to 9th is our own doing.HUMAN CAUSES!
*******Don't kill the Bees! Why their extinction if our problem? Easy! 30% of Human corps exist because of the BEEs, they are the one spreading spore here and there and there is food in your mouth!
How can they extinct? MAIN CAUSES are Hand Phone aka Mobile Phones. The radiation or wave caused by the Hand Phone not only affect our health! But disturbing the Bee's Life.
When your phone rings or when your phone nears them, their nerve will malfunction and gone!(Die)
What will we eat? Air?..huh? Polluted air?
There are many articles about the Bees on the Net! Surf it!
Some advice here:
Turn off your phone if necessary!
Handphone makers out there please don't concentrate on making multi-function phones and earn money! Please cooperate and make a Green phone that will not KILL the BEES
Millionaire out there if you read this Please build a home for the Bees.Let them breed and they will make you full! DO Charity then please build a big HOME for them.

Nuclear War and Terrorism will probably boom our Earth Crust just like the Apple pie..the Apple burst out from the Pie! and we will have no place to stand! No Nuke and no Terrorism please! I beg you all for the sake of EARTH! Even you will a war with humans! But you Blast your own land ! Unless you can fly and can live without eating anything then go head and have a war. V PEACE V Say YES to PEACE!

Depletion of petrol or oil will affect us Deeply. We cant travel , don't have energy to generate electricity! Information will not be anywhere. We will be living in a Black and White World.
How many humans nowadays can live in dark? and not travel.

Ocean full with Jellyfish! You may not see any fish anymore in2050 if the jellyfish conquer the Seas! King of Seven Seas huh? Pirates? Us? Nope it is Jellyfish that Spongebob like..
Jellyfish most of the time living in 'Hot Seas'. Now they travel to Japan(what a cold country)!
They can only live in warm water but why they travel around Japan? Because our sea water are getting warmer because Global Warming.
Neopilema nomurai is a type of Jellyfish that have 2m length and 200kg mass.

AND they eat FISH! If we keep polluting the Seas and Heat up our sea..then buhbye we lack of protein> end of homo sapiens!

Global Warming..hmm all people know right?
Then start hate global warming and things that will suicide our own race!
Move Makers! Please make movies that will teach our own race about environment friendly!
Please this is Important!
If you still can view this thread from in another century time that mean our race successfully protected the EARTH!

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