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Monday, November 16, 2009

Environment Prob: Small things contribute to Large Things!!! PART1

Here is the 1st Example that I really hate here is Chinese traditon..not racism here..But I'm Chinese too!
When our ancestors died..we burn Hell Notes aka Tress that make paper...for our ancestors in 'Another World'
When You burn, do your ancestors really get it? I'm not sure about that.
One thing I really sure is when you burn..hmm..our ozone aka O3 will pok!
Another hole FORM!
In Any form ....if you are not protecting our Earth..Then don't destroy it ok?
Our religion do not call us to destroy the Earth right?

Is it a Must? To burn papercraft and hellnotes?
Chinese support me please. We are the future race!
Small thing that Accelerate us towards the end..Do you want it?!

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