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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bandai 2010 January MG GN-X

MG GN-X as title!
After MG V GUNDAM VerKa ! Here is GN-X
One thing about it that is Best is CHEAP!
3600 yen without TAX!
Oh god..!
A good kit to get...Must get if have money!
BTW...Today..I have bought my MG BLUE FRAME Astray 2nd L at BAKUC !!
I get it at a cheap price!
Yeah my dream..

From the Trend, I know Bandai will release another MG from Double O series.
MG OO RAISER is predicted to come out around the OO Movie month
and MG from Unicorn Series will also come out.
Some also predict MG Red Frame Astray will pop out!
Ya..The Most anticipated MG next year probably would be the last variation of IMPULSE!
Which is
If I'm not wrong all of these will pop out in Next Year..

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