Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Rin Takanashi Rin Tobira Photobook Scans DOWNLOAD! 高梨臨初写真集 ! Edited

The Link is here>>
Credit goes to a forumer in
The download page is in Chinese please simply use google translator to translate the page.

some simple instruction by me.
when u in the page >> click this link 进入下载页
Please download RaySource 1st before downloading it or else the speed is...
After that if you have downloaded RaySource click 下载(2)to download it.
click 下载(2)to download if you don't have RaySource downloader but slow..
OK I'll upload the DVDs link if someone has posted on the net!
Give me some credit if want to post somewhere.

Credit goes to Gekidan from JEFUSION for posting the download link via sendspace
He reupload it to sendspace for your convenience, must thanks alot to him.


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