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Kamen Rider W the Movie 3D August in the CINEMA!

Not Wrong!! It is 3D just like Avatar,Clash of the Titans, Alice in the ...
OMG Even Toei is playing 3D movie!


Cinema in Japan showing W the Movie 7-8-2010 7th of August 2010 year! 
今月11日、東映の「劇場版 仮面ライダーW」(8月7日公開予定)の新作が撮影に入った。同社が本格的に3Dで製作する最初の長編映画だ。
現場では坂本浩一監督が2台のテレビモニターを交互にのぞき込む。1台は撮影した映像を通常通り2Dで、もう1台は3Dで映し出している。まず2Dを見て 役者の演技を指導。芝居が固まると、3D画面で映像の立体感をチェックする。
「作業がすべて2倍になるのが大変なところ」(坂本監督)。製作費もほぼ 1.5~2倍に上る。

This would be the 1st Kamen Rider 3D movie! 1st EVER!

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Information below are from the link above, I translate it using Google translate. 

"Avatar", followed by domestic challenge to the 3D movie, groping tips

3D movie "Avatar" in the country follow the 3D production work began. Capture technology, know-how to develop methods that do not have to call their own in both standard and production, followed by an attempt to accumulate.

August 11, Toei's "Kamen Rider W" (Coming August 7) taken into the new. The company's 3D full-fledged feature film production in the first.
Peer in the field alternately directed two television monitors Sakamoto Hirokazu. One is the usual 2D footage, and one that will reflect in 3D. 2D we see an actor acting coach. The firm and play, 3D sense of depth to check the video screen.
"We will double the hard work for all" (directed by Sakamoto). 1.5 to almost twice as high production costs.
Staff increased by new technology. Mr. Shingo Kobayashi's 3D technology coordinator. Each scene, "parallax" The main job of adjusting, and the audience feel uncomfortable and this is not appropriate, or cause fatigue. However, no objective criteria established in Hollywood. "Stage of accumulating experience and intuition in the field," Mr. Kobayashi said.

3D camera at all the film has not yet spread. The pioneer James Cameron "Avatar" for use in the development of their own shooting equipment. Then, the product was released overseas but expensive. So Japan has a camera by hand work.
In principle, combining traditional 2D should resemble the eyes of two left and right cameras, "big heavier, lacking mobility" Last year, the nation's first 3D feature film "Horror Maze 3D" (Takashi Shimizu Director) Asmik Ace Yazima Masayuki 手Gaketa the producer said.
The horror film set in a haunted house with narrow permitted inside the camera for a large, two cameras using a special small, lightweight camera is developed enough to be moved by hand. Taking period can be shortened, reducing the cost of production. On the other hand, is limited to the type of lens you can use "100% quality and did not go" (3D supervisor Ui Tadayuki said.)

Still dominant, the method combining the two great 2D camera, filming techniques, but is limited, we are beginning to challenge the director directing it to compensate.
"When you approach a move that fast, 2D and different.'ve Found while filming gradually," said the action is to produce special effects 東北新社 "Wolf Fang " (released this year) Director of Amemiya Keita . If we go with the powerful action taken separately to do a scene cut, connected by a fast tempo. But one also takes time to change the camera position 3D camera, suited for a large number of cuts taken.
"Minute in one cut motion filming was devised and put a lot of information on the screen" (directed by Amemiya). The eyes of the audience to keep up with, 3D in 2D move for people and things as fast. Instead of "move suddenly stalled, state Pitatto stop running, and found it effective and surprising images."
"Horror Maze 3D" Shimizu also directed "Before the shooting was leaning stance, taking the first noticed the potential of 3D," he said.
In order to recover the huge production costs, so far tended to bias in epic 3D Speaking of flashy film. However, such as "Romance and historical drama, both in his face might have to draw deeply emotional," he Shimizu. "In such a family drama, the audience is emotionally involved, the visual representation of a character's head so that the children Nadetaku thinking can do 3D."

Asian trend is definitely towards 3D. The Berlin Film Festival in February, the history of Hong Kong action movie 3D "Su 乞児" (directed by Yuen Woo-ping) to the exhibition. In Korea this year, a period drama "The Song of the strings" (directed by Kyung-Ju), dinosaur movie "Tarbosaurus", SF Horror "Sector 7" and the epic three books will be available.
"Avatar," the U.S. continues to 3D epic "Alice in Wonderland", but also popular, indigenous "horror maze 3D" released in Taiwan on March 20 also is mobilizing 50,000 hits in first week The. Leading the charge but Hollywood could come from a new 3D representation of Asia, including Japan, are sufficient.

2010/04/24, from Nihon Keizai Shimbun morning edition

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