Thursday, June 10, 2010

PREVIEW TIME! Kamen Rider W EP39 offical scans from TOEI!

Orange Nazca I would like to say is Saeko. Without driver she uses the port on her neck to slot in.
You all can see there she create a port with that gun thingy hmm hmm
Speed even faster than normal Nazca with 3 X Speed of normal Nazca!
How she do that?
Meanwhile Shota and Aki watch the movie for 7 hours woo..dead..
So Shotaro and Akiko caught the dopant that made the movie so awful.
Wakana propose something to Ryubee.
And that Logo there is the Logo of Museum which you all already seen it in episode 38.
Yep, Akiko became the producer and teach the kid to make a real movie.
I doubt she can do that, with her funny act..not action, maybe a comedy?!
Wakana VS Saeko
Wakana LOST it, because the Orange Nazca too strong and fast for her.
You can see Clay Doll on the floor.
Trial the speed guy is the only one can keep up with her speed.
Akiko directed the movie~ With she as the Warrior P lol..
And what is the guy Foundation X up to this time, besides playing the role to help Saeko with her plans.
I don't know! Ask Toei?! Sure they won't tell you.
Watch yourself Kamen Rider W ep 39 this WEEK!

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