Wednesday, June 23, 2010

more scans for Kamen Rider W FOREVER A to Z/ Gaia memory of FATE~

Joker VS Masquerade
Philip's mum? Maria? or Shroud? Police?
Sexy heat dopant with cool bike chased by W
Another guy from X -foundation?
I'm Skul from another world, Diend brings me maybe
Want to assassinate people, hey I'm the cop of Futo
Philip..don't DIE..his mum?..huh?Maria?..
are they watching porn?..Message sent by people for help?
Henshin Luna and who's that guy? Eternal or Cyclone?
Futo kun~ Oh..Kirihiko~~T.T
Ryu X Aki
That woman come and want for help and request from the detectives?
Terui why you dating here?! Go back your station, there is thieves around!
GO Catch NEVER!! haha
Run for your lives~~
If I'm not wrong that is ICE AGE and VIOLENCE..
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