Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO/ Oz will come in this Fall (in japan) + Rumor for Kamen Rider W FINALE

The rumor was true that he,our vending machine san will appear in this 7th AUG movie.
Below are the images.
He will give his virgin rider kick in the movie~~
He will join W in the fight with Luna Dopant~~

Here are the rumors for the FINALE of W.
Shotaro brother as the head of X foundation will use the M memory.
M is the inverted of W which means opposite and against W.
He will kidnap Philip and force him to use the Z memory.
Which the meaning of M and Z are not know yet.
Therefore, Joker probably will be around for the Finale episode because he lost Philip.
And CAX will appear(previous post), will this related?
You will find out when the time comes.

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