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Sunday, June 13, 2010

NEXT KAMEN RIDER SERIES 2011~ Kamen Rider 000

続いてオーズネタ 『特摄联 盟』-TEMOX HOME-9 l! O7 n) a1 p) R$ ?  n
( z, R, K: @  _2 Q: m# u中国特摄联盟前身是“特摄迷之家”,是一个为中文圈特摄FAN提供各类服务的网站。我们关注如奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面 骑士KIVA,假面骑士电王,侍战队,蒙面超人,幪面超人,咸蛋超人,超人力霸王,轰轰战队,百兽战队,梦比优斯奥特曼,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队等各类特摄そ のうちの鳥の王《アンク》は刑事に憑依して主人公と嫌々ながら行動を共にする 特摄|奥特曼|假面骑士|侍战队|假面骑士decade|炎神战队|假面骑士KIVA|$ C. N+ l2 e- j; s* ~
) E9 W. i0 f0 d5 J7 k3 s特摄,奥特曼,假面骑士,超级战队,假面骑士decade,假面骑士KIVA,侍战队,百兽战队,迪迦奥特曼,炎神战队,その自販機から は缶型の支援メカを買えるみたいです
* ^7 h* E9 ^- o3 ], R0 z! F0 {+ K1 {bt.temox.com当たりがでるとメカが巨大化
Kamen Rider OOO... lol GUNDAM 00..hey W ..Gundam W, are they related?..
Kamen Rider OOO or can called Os
His enemy is evil monster king of 6 races includes bird,insects,cat family, heavy animal, fish and dinosaur.
Monster King of Bird (Ankh) betrayed them and come to MC who is a policeman to become Kamen Rider TRIPLE O .. =.=
and Os henshin belt is like a Auto Selling Machine or vending kiosk available where you put money and pop out a cola.
Os belt can slot in different coins and become different type riders.
When he needs a bigger weapon, there will be a big vending machine for him.
Any type of weapons include heavy one or others will come out in the shape of CAN then Transform!!
(I think Toei will sell drinks with this rider.)
Ankh and MC will fight together just like Den-O series where imajins and humans fight together

Three Type of Main Head. Phoenix, Kabuto, and Tiger

The Belt can slot in 3 coins.
The Design is kinda complex.
The 'Mechanism' on the left and right maybe is summon the coin slot machine or Hitsatsu Final Attack.
 Below are coins.
Red is Phoenix, Green is Grasshopper, Yellow is Tiger
From left:
Light Blue Tortise, Green Kabuto, and Dark Blue Squid.
Below are some raw design.
Yugi Sugimoto ~~ Again Tokusatsu..and other actors who I don't regconize.

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