Monday, December 7, 2009

Gundam UC Manga Confirmed and Gundam 00 V Mech Info

Gundam UC manga is confirmed!!
After Novel>OVA>now MANGA!
wow..I think it will release just after the 6 eps of OVA ...cuz just like old times OO and Seed Manga also came out just after anime.

OK a Mecha Picture you all there to save it as wallpaper!
Click to Enlarge.
Some Info about 00V story here.
After season 2, Ptolemy suffer from insufficient funds, so the GUNDAM restoration scheme is divided into three parts to carry out.
They went to Jupiter, because the relationship between the Innovator Setsuna, this program is imperative for the organization.
Ian as the center of new GUNDAM development team in this situation with a sigh of leisure at all.
To make use of existing resources, using Feresthte to preserve the preparatory part of the GUNDAM repair operations.
In such circumstances 00 Seven Sword / G completed!
Now 00 was equipped with another Gn Drive from other MS.
Fighting scene!!
When testing the new repaired MS, Setsuna is aware of the enemy's incoming declaring fight.
With his Innovator sense...Setsuna hit it ...that unkown red MS which is GN X -III..even without knowing their distance and location.(With the new GN Sword 2 Burst..which can hit long distance)
After the simple fight.
Ian suspected that the MS is from the
dismissed A-Laws soldier who defy the military orders soldiers who escaped.
Credit goes to translate it from Chinese myself..sorry for my bad english.

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