Monday, December 21, 2009

Latest Product on Kamen Rider W all USB FOR SALE!!!!

 Clay Doll Gaia Memory sell for 5000 yen 2010 JAN release
After Wakana throw her memory in EP 14...Toei call his dad take and sell to you all haha~

Sifu! Oyasan! SKUL Memory for sale! 2010 JAN release 4000 yen for Skul Memory

Shotaro Version Joker Gaia Memory 26th Dec 2009 release! 4095 yen!
Include some Shotaro famous quote!(aside from JOKER only)

Finally FANG Gaia Memory 26th DEC 2009 release 3675 yen
Which can attach to the W DX Driver..then you can shout! FANG JOKER!!!! and hear the theme of FANG form!

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