Thursday, December 10, 2009

NewType Scans for Code Geass-漆黑的連夜 MANGA

OK seems like CLAMP character design is all the same lol..the new character looks like LULU and Suzaku..zzz
BTW it is confirmed next year will be a Manga series for Code Geass with C.C and some new Character.
The title is 漆黑的連夜 and the story is before Code Geass Lelouch of The Rebellion
which have a backgrounf of EDO or 江户时代.

Anime project is coming up after the Manga project has been done or release.
If my prediction not wrong..this anime will put into the time slot after Gundam UC OVA and Blade Break time slot..hehe..not bad tough..

but Anime watching for 3 months + ..will ruin my results..maybe..but watching anime make me hoot blooded and aiming to build I will study more hard!

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