Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peace and Karma

OK now is the time I post something....about my dreams. Another hobby of mine is thinking.I love to think..that is why I can discover many things...some good philosophy can come out when we are thinking.

I like to read philosophy books by my dearest Ikeda Sensei. Yup I want to become Ambassador of Peace of the World in future, I want educate people do more good things to protect this world from evil lol..

OK see my views :

I'm a Buddhist and I believe in karma.

In the Earth we have 60 billion of human populations, if everyone do 1 good deed every day,

What will happen? 60 billion of good things will happen in Earth every day. How good if this happen every day? Every day we are surrounded with good things, our mood will be better and we will again do more good things. Doing a good deed is just simple as drinking water and breathing. Say hi to someone politely, greet to someone and tell them to have a nice day. A simple theory that contributes to a big philosophy, simple act like say you are pretty, you are handsome, nice work, good job students, nice car you have, a simple line or sentence that praise others. Will this be difficult? If everyone does this, 1 day 1 good deeds, our world will be Peace, for sure.

Hey ..60 billion people do 1 things per day = 60 billion good things will happen to them (according to karma).If everyone do more than 1 good things in a day..Imagine the numbers.

Future Ambassador of Peace(Me)

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