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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rushing updates before the movie on Kamen Rider W Begins Night, W X Decade and Ultraman Galaxy Legend

Kamen Rider W X Decade
Kamen Rider skul with his bike..
Seems just like W bike..but only black color.

Kamen Rider W Begins Night
1st pic Fang Joker
2nd pic Oyasan henshin pose >Kamen Rider Skul
3rd pic..Gib me ur Gaia Memory Joker! I wanna Henshin!
Stay back it is time for me to fight hehe....time for you to collapse.

Ultraman Galaxy Legend

Not a big fan of Ultraman, but seems this movie bring me back to
Ultraman AD right lol? I don't know the name..
Ya I know Asuka..he is Dyna.
The blue Ultraman at last pic..who is he? Tell me pls.

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