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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kamen Rider Cyclone Joker Extreme and Accel Trial toys plus etc merchandise Keitaros phone EDITED

Prism Picker !
Shield can block and shoot the sword and slash.
With Gaia Memory Prism included

Extreme Gaia Memory Which is a TRANSFORMABLE bird! Looks like a cool phoenix to me.
The memory is another driver to slot into the W driver.
Then Cyclone and Joker slot into the memory.
So I think Beside the Cyclone Joker Extreme Heat Metal or others will be available
 Accel Trial..Wow is that Traffic lights color haha?!
Traffic light memory lol..Traffic 

GARY lol...another snail~~
 Gaia Memory TERROR

Keitaros Phone!

1 comment:

De Martino said...

If we look back at the beginning, Sokichi had the memory to transform into Kamen Rider Skull, and he infiltrated with Shotaro the museum carrying an attache, looking for Raito. These mean Sokichi, Shroud and Ryubee they knew each other and got a lot to do with the creation of Gaia Memories, the Double driver, etc. Instead of thinking Phillipe and possibly Ryu are chosen ones, perhaps we should assume that Shotaro didn't become Sokichi's assistant by chance. Shotaro may as well be a chosen one. At least Phillipe has chosen him. These people joined together, let say, for the same reason. Remember Weather said human and memories were drawn together?

As far as I can see Phillipe needs Shotaro to balance him with humanity/love/passion for the human race. That is what Shotaro represents. Surprisingly, we haven't seen or heard of Humanity or Love Gaia Memory. Could it be these can only be found in the human soul? That is, Love is the ultimate power of all?

I would say what Phillipe is ultimately looking for in Earth's memory is humanity.

Just some thoughts. hehehe


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