Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Digimon Xros Wars EP 5 SS get SD card and summon techniques of Leviamon

 Seems that Taiki and Shoutmon fall into somewhere in sea and flows in Whamon's body... (unexpectedly ..maybe to find the code crown before Nepumon finds it.)

 They Pray for Taiki and Shoutmon
Shouton poisoned from the attack of Beemon
A Miracle Potion liquid is found lol~~
 Shoutmon recovers! They find the Code Crown

Memory get!!
Leviamon! okok.. ONE of the seven great demon lords!
Sea Angemon (Heart attack), Garurumon(Ice Breath), Holy Angemon(Holy Gate), AGUMON(Pepper Breath)!! and Leviamon!
2 Mega level, 1 Ultimate and Champion..and 1 SUPER DUPER MAIN ROOKIE DIGIMON! AGUMON!!
But all of these are Techniques only '技'
All these memory are consider legendary digimon warrior techniques.

Get this kinda things in EP 5..if got 50 eps..then he can get all the Royal Knights..
They still don't know Leviamon's skills are waiting for the ..dumb Seadramon..lol..

Dondokomon!! I like Shoutmon..expression... = =

EP 6 X4, Out of Danger!

Shoutmon X 4 the SAIKUYO digimon in the whole season!

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