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Short Synopsis on Digimon EP 8 to 10 English and 华文

English Version
8 - The Fierce General Tactimon Closes In!
Taiki and co are shut inside a cave thanks to Bagura army's AncientVolcamon. Judging that they'll only make the cave fall into them if they continue to fight, Taiki decides to surrender. Shoutmon blames Taiki for handing over his X Loader to AncientVolcamon. Meanwhile, hearing about what had happened, Tactimon orders that Taiki and co are executed in front of the other war prisoners to be shown as an example.
(From Newtype) The Digimon that the Bagura army has captured are made to work at an old excavation site. After learning that Cutemon's parents are there, Taiki and co become prisoners of the Bagura army so they can look for where the parents are being held.

9 - Dorulumon Runs As the Wind!
Dorulumon saves Taiki and co from danger, but then Tactimon appears to tell them about Dorulumon's past -- He used to be Tactimon's right-hand and has destroyed a countless number of Zones before... also that Dorulumon specializes in making the other person believe that he is a friend in order to let their guard down first before betraying them. However, even after hearing that, Taiki decides to trust Dorulumon.
(From Newtype) One of Bagura's head officers Tactimon appears before Taiki and co. Taiki and co are unable to cope against Tactimon's overwhelming power. After letting their friends escape, Taiki and Dorulumon are caught by Tactimon...

10 - Taiki Becomes A Knight!
Taiki and co arrive at Lake Zone to see the Bagura army putting several Digimon down into the ice to freeze. Among them are 7 PawnChessmon who beg them to save a Knightmon that had fallen into the lake and is on the verge of dying.
(From Newtype) Taiki saves a Knightmon who was attacked by the Bagura army and almost dead. Knightmon takes Taiki to the princess that he serves and asks him to become a part of the knighthood that protects Lake Zone. But Kiriha is one step ahead of Taiki and has already become a candidate for knighthood.

8 -劇烈將軍Tactimon Closes In!
由於Bagura軍隊裡面的AncientVolcamon,大器和co被關閉在洞。 如果他們繼續戰鬥,判斷那他們只將做洞分成他們, 大器決定投降。 由於大器移交他的X裝載者給AncientVolcamon,Shoutmon責備大器。 同時,聽說發生了什麼的 Tactimon, Tactimon決定殺死大器和co,,並在其他戰爭囚犯前面被執行將顯示为例。
(從Newtype) Bagura軍隊把奪取了的Digimon命令他們在一個老挖掘站點工作。 在獲悉萌萌獸的父母在那裡以後,大器和co成了Bagura軍隊的囚犯,使他們可以尋找萌萌獸父母被囚著的地方。

9 - 多魯魯獸如風般奔跑
多魯魯獸從危險保護大器和co,另一方面,Tactimon看上去告訴他們關於多魯魯獸的過去 -- 他曾經是Tactimon的右手和在以前毀壞了很多的區域… 那多魯魯獸也專門做研究,另一個人相信他是為了朋友,所以在背叛他們之前使他們的衛兵失望。 然而,在大器聽完以後,決定相信
(從Newtype)其中一名Bagura的頭官員Tactimon在Taiki和co.之前出現。 大器和co無法應付反對Tactimon的巨大力量。 在讓他們的朋友逃脫以後,大器和多魯魯獸被Tactimon捉住…

10 -大器適合做騎士!
大器和co在到達湖區域後,看到Bagura軍隊把幾隻Digimon放到水中結冰。 在乞求他們保存Knightmon分成湖,并且是在死的邊緣的他們之中是7 Pawn Chessmon。
(從Newtype) 大器保護了被Bagura軍隊攻擊和幾乎死的Knightmon。 Knightmon帶大器到他服務的公主并且要求他成為保護湖區域的騎士部分。 但是Kiriha在大器到步之前和已經和一名候選人合適為騎士。

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